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Howdy, I'm Rune! I draw as a hobby and you can mostly catch me doodling girls with animal ears (or any girls, really!) and medieval fantasy themes. I make both SFW and NSFW art.

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Hunter-san cleaning up after a kill 🐟 🐈
character belongs to @/oteageinkaree on Twitter.

Sycamore is a human ranger who suffers from a mysterious illness. He took up adventuring to find answers about his condition and is one of Anise's traveling companions.

Anise's first impression was a bit awkward because bun names are derived from nature and she got too excited!!

Bonus pic: "Sycamore is a man's name!!" Zeta Gundam reference.

Succubus girl Cerys for my friend, @/KaioDX18 on Twitter. Might smile if you give her one (1) dorito.

Robin, an android girl I drew for @/SGP009 on Twitter. I took some liberties with her design and had a bit of fun with the colors!

Anise is packing up all her supplies! πŸ“¦
I made this when I was moving to a new place in March. Somehow I feel like I'm still not completely settled in.

Mercy looking a little frisky 🐱
Character belongs to alchykiller.

Hellish princess Enma Ushiko is both terrifying and terrifyingly gorgeous πŸ‘Ή πŸ’› Gift art for OolongEarlGrey.

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