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Howdy, I'm Rune! I draw as a hobby and you can mostly catch me doodling girls with animal ears (or any girls, really!) and medieval fantasy themes. I make both SFW and NSFW art.

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Chicken dinner~🎡 πŸ—
This cute little pup is named Lina 🐢 she was saved by the D&D party from a life of servitude, and now happily dons the title of head chef in her newfound familyβ€”out of her heart’s desire.

April is my Anniversary! So as a bonus, I'm sending merch to $5+ patrons this month!

You can get adorable stickers, magnets, and coasters featuring Yukinko and Korpokkur from 🌱 Read the details on
Thank you for your support!

Art trade with the lovely and talented lyra0730 on Twitter! Her character is a bright and stylish lass.

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