CW: size difference, lizard bois 

Severed ear, violence, RD ref 

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dick pick, public 

so i just got an email saying that im starting my french classes finally and i wont be around as much starting tomorrow til like mid April. i hope to get some arts in between now and then and hopefully pump out some goodies for you guys, but school is gonna come first for a bit.

i think this is gonna be the only place i put this for now.

ginny stopped drinking and put his life back together, now hes proud of all his growth and feeling happier and healthier than he ever has.

Its been a while since i posted anything. Heres birch having a snack.

half giant and human boi's havin a baf 

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femboy, ass 

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giant dick, loads of cum, 

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Art trade with @Razafraz ^^ I did a draw of their OC Jude :3c

I guess I tag that considering we were talking about it.

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feet, big belly, twink, demon 

just bitchen, bara talk 

CW: femboy on bara, nsfw, cute shit 

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