trying to work on my website daily, or at least nearly daily. it's curation, and editorial in some way, and if i was good at those i think i could have a better site (with less content/more focus)...
anyhow, i come across a lot of old pics and things, it's a bit much, 'faces of death' page updated today mostly.
#mastoart #drawing

Planète similaire à la Terre.

Je n'ai pas réussi à faire ressortir les textures du dessin en prenant la photo et l'image n'est pas complètement fidèle au dessin réel.

CC by nc sa
#dessin #art #drawing #abstraitart #abstractart

cover illustration I did for a queer speculative fiction magazine, CW: mild body horror, topless nudity, alcohol 

Been waiting to share this one for a while! You can read the short stories here:
#illustration #mastoart #art #commission #drawing

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