Think I'm giving up on coloring this for now - I think the best thing for me right now is to get used to drawing consistently and focusing on getting my anatomy ironed out rather than worry about producing finished pieces.

I do mostly like it as it is tho.


WIP. These two characters are Yaser (top) and Zairhys (bottom). They were originally created to have absolutely nothing to do with each other, but they're now becoming a favorite pairing of mine.


I forgot to post this here. I spent too long on it and i already hate it, but here ya go.

-sigh- I'm so super unhappy with everything I draw lately and I feel like I can't get a decent outcome without 10000 revisions which means I'm also working slow af.

Appreciate everyone still following and not getting bored with next-to-no-content ass.

I'm a day late on but here's a first contribution - Eisa with some dicks. Prompt was 'blowjobs' (I pretty just made a big old list of kinks and am picking as I go). I'm prolly gonna keep these to sketches, but I like how this came out.

So I put that last drawing up on imgur for the hell of it and unsurprisingly it did poorly.

However, I have a new favorite person:

I did it.

Vice and Arturo are good dads. Myth just wants to sleep.

Vice is mine, Arturo and Myth belong to friends.

O god I shaded it.
I still don't hate it - but I'm not sure if it was improved terribly by the shading...

I am kinda super happy with this tho - even if it did take way too long

I actually don't hate this - and look! It has a background and everything!

Vice chilling in his forest after a long day of brewing up medicines. He prolly wouldn't sit around without a shirt like this tho - he's very sensitive about his scars.

WIP of Vice again - he got a little hecked up at one point in his life, but he still pretty.

This character has been around for 10+ years and I just now finally drew him.

His name is Vice, he is a super grumbly grump, and he has a gigantic dog that just wants belly rubs.

What?? Actually posting something!? Craziness.

Commission I did for some friends of my bf.

It's been a bad month for work.
But at least have another Eisa design - her story is developing in my head a little better, and it going to be folded in with Seiya and Elias'.
Need to draw some more lewds of her...

Finally got the next page done. -Insert joke about sparkly vampires here-

Read from the beginning on my Pillowfort!

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