So I put that last drawing up on imgur for the hell of it and unsurprisingly it did poorly.

However, I have a new favorite person:

I did it.

Vice and Arturo are good dads. Myth just wants to sleep.

Vice is mine, Arturo and Myth belong to friends.

O god I shaded it.
I still don't hate it - but I'm not sure if it was improved terribly by the shading...

I am kinda super happy with this tho - even if it did take way too long

I actually don't hate this - and look! It has a background and everything!

Vice chilling in his forest after a long day of brewing up medicines. He prolly wouldn't sit around without a shirt like this tho - he's very sensitive about his scars.

WIP of Vice again - he got a little hecked up at one point in his life, but he still pretty.

This character has been around for 10+ years and I just now finally drew him.

His name is Vice, he is a super grumbly grump, and he has a gigantic dog that just wants belly rubs.

What?? Actually posting something!? Craziness.

Commission I did for some friends of my bf.

It's been a bad month for work.
But at least have another Eisa design - her story is developing in my head a little better, and it going to be folded in with Seiya and Elias'.
Need to draw some more lewds of her...

Finally got the next page done. -Insert joke about sparkly vampires here-

Read from the beginning on my Pillowfort!

Calling this done - I was really just trying to get a half-decent reference of this new character.

He doesn't have a name yet, but he does have a twinky elf boyfriend who by all rights really ought to be split in half by now.

So, taking a break from comic stuff and...

I love him.

Also I'm trying a new way of lining and a kinda love it...

So it's gonna be one of those 'everything I draw sucks' nights, is it?


So I tried dying my hair my self for the first time and...

Buying the box: This can't be so bad...

15 minutes in: I am the reason we won't get our security deposit back.

Also it came out black instead of red, so fails all around :(


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