I made these back in 2016. I keep telling myself I’ll rework them and add to them every year, but I never get to it 😅

One day! In the meantime, for all your needs...

Ive been seeing a lot of Felicia art over on twitter recently, so of course I had to add to it.

Who needs sleep when there are Jill’s to be drawn? (It’s me I need sleep QwQ)

My fiancé and I are going back to the gym after a pretty long hiatus. Whenever we go I feel like I just follow him around and copy what he does...

First piece of the new year! I just wanted to see what I could get done this afternoon, but I’m happy with how she turned out!

Tbt my Tiger Zodiac Witch. I’m thinking about printing her as a postcard, or maybe doing a series like this.


A challenge from twitter that I loooove. Original creator is Beezul (@mrbeezul) on Twitter.

Speedpaint. I just wanted to practice painting tights.

I was gonna wait until this weekend to post her, but I had a rough day. Here’s my Holly Deer!

While I’m working on my Holly Deer, here’s a New Year’s piece I did at the beginning of this year. I should do another one of these...

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