@Scootsies How should musicians do that? A sort of voiced narrative between vignettes?

@jankoekepan I’m not really sure. I believe that the purpose of this meme is to show the face behind the work. It kind of sprang from the idea that a lot of artists kind of look like the art they do (from my understanding, anyway). Maybe a video recording would be the way to go about it. If you come up with a different format, I’d love to see it!


I was thinking of it by way of analogy: an artist's face versus a musician's voice. I mean, I could take a video but there wouldn't be a juxtaposition of content and creator's natural manifestation. That said, if you wanted a video I could point you at what I did for a kickstarter.

@jankoekepan Ohhh, that makes more sense to me now. That’s a great idea!

See, I’m a super visual person so of course my brain immediately went to “video!” I’m not sure how you could format the recording so that it it feels like an accurate representation of you and your work, but I know there’s a lot of different formats on twitter. You might get some inspiration there. :)

@Scootsies Think I'd have to go for something in which I did the music and spoken word content.

Here's an example:

(And yes, I do have sheep.)

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