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Hey everyone! Figured it was time I properly introduced myself. I'm Sheela, and I'm one half of a two person collab group called MONSTER GANG in which I draw lots of lewd things. Vampires and succubi and kitsune and so on. We focus on comics primarily. Comics about hot monster size differences. πŸ’‹ πŸ’•

Here's my personal site:


Our store:

And our Patreon:

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Little mini comic we did over on Patreon featuring my character Jade and the protagonist from our comics. The concept was the runner up in the poll, but it was so close that I thought why not do both. The other is still being posted, once it's complete I'll dump that here too. For now, have some chubby moo mom!

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Lidiya's Latex Surprise
You've all seen Vampires who turn into bats or wolves. Did you really think growing a huge dick wasn't equally likely?

... We *had* hoped to be uploading another Codi page today, but I've been quite under the weather this week. Fortunately, we've still got stuff to post :3

Our Codi_Vore adventure begins! Does this qualify as a porn-porn-parody? We're not sure, but we promise fun! Read for free on our site, votes for Patrons and Subscribers.

First vote can be found here!

Vote Winner: Atsuko!
Her ego is eating this up. And possibly you, too.
It was a close vote, but Atsuko beat out the cowgirls - worry not, though! A dedicated champion among our patrons has commissioned the completed image. Stay tuned for Jade and Gerta goodness!
Thank you, Uryxia!

Gore, Crush, Blood 

Stepping On The Physical Manifestation Of The Year 2020.
The Dragoness wasn't sure she even felt it. Or you.

Patron Request Vote!
We pinged our patrons in our Discord Wips and Goodies channel for suggestions on what they'd like me to draw. Now we're letting you vote on which sketch to complete!

Vote here!

A Night With Gerta FINAL
Lucky guy. You could've voted for his doom, but clearly the majority of you just want big hugs from a big mommy.

A Night with Gerta - Page 17
Last week's winner: She's getting multiple tributes for plucking you away from your day job.

This week's vote:
It's finale time! The course is set, but now it's time to vote on the format for the final act! 4 Image Set, or 2 Page Comic?

A Night with Gerta - Page 16
Last week’s winner: Offering yourself as a loyal, willing slave might keep you around longer.

Vote for next week's picture here:

A Night with Gerta - Page 15
Last week’s winner: Fight your fear a little less and ask what she intends to do with you.

Vote for next week's picture here:

A Night with Gerta - Page 14
Last week’s winner: [You're shrinking! This is...] Amazing, fantastic, mildly terrifying news!

Vote for next week's picture here:

A Night with Gerta - Page 13
Last week’s winner: Ask how just much bigger she plans to grow.

Vote for next week's picture here:

A Night with Gerta - Page 12
Last week’s winner: Ask for more more of mommy's suspiciously delicious milk.

Vote for next week's picture here:

A Night with Gerta - Page 11
Last Week's Winner: All you can think about is... How big of an oedipus complex you must have.

Vote for next week's picture here:

A Night with Gerta - Page 10
Last week's winner: Milk? It can be resisted no longer. You must taste it! Get a mouthful, and more!

Vote for next week's picture here:

Tia's behemoth, presumably modelling an incredibly large size range of workout gear. Or maybe just modelling herself.

A Night with Gerta - Page 9
Last week's winner: Struggle. Squirm. Attempt to lift those boobs, and *fail*.

Vote for next week's picture here:

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