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Hey everyone! Figured it was time I properly introduced myself. I'm Sheela, and I'm one half of a two person collab group called MONSTER GANG in which I draw lots of lewd things. Vampires and succubi and kitsune and so on. We focus on comics primarily. Comics about hot monster size differences. πŸ’‹ πŸ’•

Here's my personal site:


Our store:

And our Patreon:

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Little mini comic we did over on Patreon featuring my character Jade and the protagonist from our comics. The concept was the runner up in the poll, but it was so close that I thought why not do both. The other is still being posted, once it's complete I'll dump that here too. For now, have some chubby moo mom!

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Gratuitous cleavage 

Mount Drop
Haruru is disappointed in her Fae Gwiber mount. She might have been scammed.

Owed commission for Hida.

Sorry for the spam! My mass uploader wasn't working for Mastodon for a few weeks so I was backed up. Uploaded everything now and we're back on out two uploads per week schedule.

Oni Feet
It's Fan art time again - Say hello to Fate: Grand Order's Shuten Dōji!

Snake Goddess
Clearly, the prayers from the temple fanatics were heard.
Drawn for JSK244.

I stumbled across Kotobukiya's Bride of Chucky, Tiffany figurine and decided I had to have it.
But before that, I decided to draw her first - so here she is along with an image of the figurine that prompted this.

Corrupted nun throat penetration 

Potentially NSFW stream link 

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