boobs r34 

:perfect: Happy holidays everyone ill be doing temporary art requests and ill draw one of your characters
i can draw
bdsm art
other things feel free to message me/comment and a few of you will be picked you must show a ref sheet of your character.
sfw art will be posted on divianatrt/instagram

R34 gorillaz porn nudity warning 

sorry for not posting for awhile so heres a wip weightgain fetish comic that im working on #weightgainfetish

so i have been suspended on 2 of my twitter accounts for no good reason so im moving here because twitter gets triggred easily, i just feel very sad tbh .

im working on a redraw of my old fanart
first image was from
second image is from this year its just a way to see that ive improved

nsfw/fetish mentions and stuff 

heres my discord server if you wanna chill and talk about art and alot of things~

Hi this is my first time using this website its wayy better than tumblr
well im new here so be nice~

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