Some friendly reminders about #Inktober since it's coming up!

- It is not a competition; you don't have to do your absolute best every time and it is okay if you aren't "as good as Those Other Artists"

- It is not a job; you aren't obligated to devote hours to these drawings

- It is supposed to be fun; if you are feeling stressed or dreading it, give yourself permission to not do it

pretty & androgynous nude incubus boy (nothing to see here) 

These mermaid drawings are available as 5x7 prints in my shop (currently as preorders but they'll be shipped out right after they arrive on December 14th) You can buy them individually or together as a bundle!

#art #illustration #prints #creativetoots #mastoart

Etiquette PSA 

Wondering if I should only post my nsfw(ish) art here or the rest too? I mean it would probably be better to separate? Idk

I've heard reservations from artists about signing up here because of the .porn domain name, and it also attracts users who think it's a place to dump porn GIFs, not to mention it turned out to be an expensive TLD after the first year...

So, should we look into getting an alternative domain name for this server?

The Color Thief🌈✨
‘The rainbow sword is broken, yet its guardian clings stubbornly to it. It’s still glowing.’

#digitalart #mastoart #fantasy #illustration #art

Bastet and Amunet! 💕
They’re perfect to satisfy my needs for cute girls with animal ears 🙃

August Patreon REQUEST
Requested by The Mute Cynic, featuring Casmeridian with Reshnicoff (kitty).

rhythm in Business Mode ✨ (this is a wip but now that i have rendered the face and hair i don't care about the rest...........) #oc #mastoart

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