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PINNED: Well, since I sometimes draw things too lewd for dot Art, why the heck not?

Hi, I'm Jamie Durbin, aka The Mad Welshman. You can find my normal artstuff over at [email protected] , my personal/game review timeline over at [email protected] , and pinned posts in both places where to support/ask about commishes!

Right... *Rubs hands together*

Well, I've been doing a tiny bit of spritework (I do that, when I get irritable with CLIP illustrations)

CW: Slime bodysuiting.

And some lighter pieces, including an Orc GF, a nice cowgirl, a sheepgirl, and a quicksketch of a gardener and the Alraune she sings to. (CW Mild nudity)

Now, since I'm only periodically here, it's time to share some NSFW art. (CWs Some pegging, some honey lactation, some tentacles, and some bondage for this set, this is mostly catchup.)

Okay, well, time to add some extra stuff to the Pin, I guess!

I have not just an Ao3 for Lewdfic, but I try to mirror them on Literotica, and you can find them, respectively:

Here (Ao3) -

And Here (Literotica) -

Wow, more lewdfic? (CW: Monsterfolk, potions, agony aunting, mentions of consensual mind control) 

Lewdfic (CWs Monsterfolk, multiple pairings, multiple orgasms, illusion, somatophilia) 

More #nsfw sketches and images, woo! (DP, Monstergirls) 

This has to take the cake for the *silliest* inspiration for a lewdsketch: The song Jollity Farm.

Cows all moo/The bull does too!/Everyone says 'how d'you do?'/Down on Jollity Farm! 😂

(Cowfolk, doggy)

Whoo-eee... I never expected the dollification story to be my longest one to date, but it is, and by a doozy of an amount.

My Newest Plaything. Themes are transformation (dollification), multiple pairings

Twitchies may be ruining my fun, but I had enough time to write another lewdfic: "I Know You're In There..."

Themes are seduction and monstergirl (Mimic)

Branched out into lewdfic, with "A Tea Party, or 'I Like My Girls Like I Like My Tea, Hot And Wet...'"

Themes are inanimate transformation, monstergirl, and F/F. Obviously,

Dear Queen Titania,

I'm trying to trick the mortals, but I'm dummy thicc, and the clap of my asscheeks is alerting them (Nude fairy)

Because I know it can't *all* be NSFW, have a sketch pinup. Who wants some nice... Sticky... Blackpool Rock?

A Succubus, doing what she does best with a lady of some holy order.

Well, on the one hand, that isn't bad breast expansion for a rough 128x256 sprite, and it isn't bad clustering of the skin overall.

On the *other*, I was aiming more for skinny *anime* nerd, and there, I've missed the mark, which is annoying me. CWs

Okay, *now* we make the GIF sensitive, because it's

I mean, I couldn't very well *not* have a slime-girl engulf somebody!

Second up, although done first, was her idle cycle. Gentle undulations, that's the way to go.

Okay, no need to censor these first two pixel-art GIFs. 16x32, and the first (although it was done second) is her popping up from a ball.

Oh, what the heck, let's add a milky horned lady. , and animated.

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