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Hi! I’m Molly (They/Them) I am a nonbinary, white, nonmonogamous but married (t4t) ablebodied individual. I have spent most of my life in academia until I learned enough to know that is all an institutional lie set up for some to succeed and most to fail. I love educating and learning, I love making art and seeing other people’s passions. I like floofs and non-floofs. I’m a lot of things, but mostly complicated. Here are some pictures of my face!

Looking to find more non-white folks who are , and/or
so interact w this and say hi if you are
(White ppl can boost) ❤️🌈

I'm making this mask (it just needs the elastic loops sewn on) for a raffle to raise money for indie clinics/abortion funds sometime in January. I was inspired by an incredibly racist anti choicer (that venn diagram is pretty much a circle tbqh), because I'm nothing if not petty.
It's not visibly in the picture, but this fabric is VERY holographicy

Hi. I just joined and I make embroidered art. Here's a baby from earlier this year.

Continuing from yesterday. Here is clotho, the first of the fates and the spinner of the human thread of life

This 3D technique is called stumpwork. Often stumpwork is used in embroidery for plants. I really like this technique because it help to build depth without having to thread paint 🤣

Write to prisoners! Send holiday cards to prisoners! This winter is going to be extremely tough for folx on the inside and a note of kindness and support makes a huge difference.
Visit for more info

low key obsessed with everyone i’ve found on here so far 😍 y’all are so beautiful and talented

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