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'Ullo! I'm Tömmey, a digital 2D artist and animator with a passion for character design, video games and bandes dessinées. If you're interested, you can find my commission details at tommeypinkiemonkey.newgrounds. and I've also got a Ko-fi at Anyway, cheers for stopping by. I really appreciate it. ♥

Gotta say, 2020 has been off to a pretty shit start. I already had to deal with losing my apartment and make plans to move back to Finland, but then this whole virus epidemic gets slapped on top of that. Flight got cancelled, train got delayed, even my phone just decided to... quit working. It's been an absolute shitshow and I can only hope that the rest of this year sucks a li'l less. Wha'ever, hopefully everyone else has been able to enjoy their weekend.

I also included a Shiny variant for Aromatisse in honour of the one I happened to hatch last year. Like, what are the bloody odds? Not only a Shiny, but one of my all-time favourite Mons, too.

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I can't believe Capcom already released a sneak peek for their latest crew of Robot Masters.

Solar Flare and Electric Boogaloo from Plants vs Zombies Heroes, plus a few related doodles.

Full res here:

My team from my first run in Pokémon Clover, a romhack of Pokémon FireRed which offers a surprisingly well put-together package if you can take its self-aware nature, dank maymays and lowbrow humour in jest.

I don't exacly play Sid Meier's Civilization on a regular basis or owt, but it's something I occasionally dabble in.

Everyone remembers Link constantly trying to kiss Zelda in the 90s cartoon, but Zelda was honestly just as ridiculously horny in the heat of the moment.

Etillabay omfray Aymanray. Eshay's anway absoluteway arlingday. ♥

I really dig NiGHTS Into Dreams. I think it's super interesting.

Something I made a couple years ago for my friend's Nana. She simply adores Luigi and occasionally finds the time to sit down to play some Mario Party.

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