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'Ullo! I'm Tömmey, a digital 2D artist and animator with a passion for character design, video games and bandes dessinées. If you're interested, you can find my commission details at tommeypinkiemonkey.newgrounds. and I've also got a Ko-fi at Anyway, cheers for stopping by. I really appreciate it. ♥

Fanart of my favourite chapter from Junji Ito's just in time for Hallow's Eve. 🎃

I don't like nor do I really hold any sentimental value for the series, so I like to fuck around with the character designs like they're experimental guinea pigs.

A daft joke I did with my best friend last year where we improvised a new and came up with the shittiest fucking lineup of Robot Masters.

Establishing character dynamics between Wanda and Claudia, including their individual behaviour as Wanda can utilise body language while Claudia needs to mostly rely on her facial expressions.

It's completely alright for a video game to be inspired by something in specific and I certainly don't have owt against spritual successors as long as it all comes from the right place and there's actually a point.

However, I utterly fail to see the point to making a Kickstarter-funded fan sequel to Cuphead, a game that's only about two years old and still being worked on.

Gerome, Henry's mate and colleague at the office and Josephina, Mimosa's rude sister.

Showing some appreciation for Peppino, the lovable protagonist of Pizza Tower.

Go check out if you already haven't.

Mimosa is probably the closest thing I've got to a muse. She's always there whenever my creativity can't come up with nothing else.

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