This was my entry for The Totally Tubular Collab, where a crew of talented animators reimagined an entire episode of Oney Plays. You can witness the full feature for yourself at

@TommeyPinkiemonkey This is amazing! Another animator from the collab is also here @BallBots!

@Gargron Cheers, mate! Also, thanks for developing this platform that actually doesn't compromise visual quality unlike a certain nasty social media site that's incredibly inconvenient for artists.

@TommeyPinkiemonkey I loved this segment! Your movements are so smooth and pleasing! There are so many good details in this, like Motifa on the phone and when Ding Dong turns into a stretchboi.

I watch this collab whenever I need a good laugh, I appreciate the many hours you and all the animators put into this project :)

@violentabyss Thanks, guv! To be honest, I was really nervous to be partaking alongside much more experienced artists and the final result didn't end up being exactly what I wanted, but I'm really happy I did do it. Felt really satisfying finally getting to see everyone's contributions and knowing I also helped out.

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