Just wanted to ask y'all if the iPad 6th Generation is a good investment. I haven't worked digitally before, so I would like to know what a good piece of equipment for a newbie would be.

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@Tristessa Do you have a PC already, or anything else that you can draw on with a smaller investment, even if the hardware quality isn't as good? Or can you perhaps borrow some for a bit?

Digital drawing doesn't click for everybody, so even fantastic gear (and I don't know if the iPad is that) might not be worth it just for a first try.


Well, I do have my laptop, but I don't have any kind of digital pencil. So, everything I do would be with a mouse. Not sure how versatile that is, as a tool. Any advice?
My big issue with traditional art, is, it can be kinda hard getting it out there. I don't have all that great scanning, or photography equipment - - just a really basic scanner and a cellphone - - and getting anything that looks kinda nice up, can be pretty complicated.

@Tristessa There are some cheap USB non-screen drawing tablets out there. You can get used old Wacoms under $100 (though it can be hard to find complete sets), and new Huions for not much more.

If drawing on the screen is a must (overrated IMO, but it does ease the transition from traditional), there are decent tablets with included styli you can get for $200-ish.They usually run Android so the software choice is more limited, but might be a smarter way to see if you like digital art.


Thanks. I'll check into that, see if I can find something like that, somewhere out there.

@Tristessa If your main issue is getting nice images of your traditional art though, wouldn't it be easier to get better scanning/photo gear rather than learn a whole new medium? A decent digital camera and a diffuse lamp are all you need for great photos of large-format work, and the Canon LiDE scanners (usually under $100, older ones even cheaper and still good) are great for small work.

@Tristessa Oh wait, I misread your previous reply, I see you're also looking to avoid having to get new supplies. That's definitely an important concern, and it's why I mostly do digital.

Keep in mind that tablets can get bricked by new updates (this is less common with PCs). Whatever tablet you get, set it up NOT to update unless/until you really need to, as I don't imagine you can get them serviced easily. When all you do is art, updates are often more trouble than good.


Yeah, it's my biggest concern going forward. Especially with the style I do. I like inked art a lot, and getting the right pens can be hell. I mean, I've pushed my bics, but there is only so much you can get from it😂.

But, yeah, I'll keep the updates in mind. Thanks for the advice.

@curator @eishiya

The biggest reason I'm personally looking into it, is, basically, because it's the only thing I can actually get.
I live in the rural parts of Southern Africa, so it's a pretty art and technology-scarce space. It's also why I'm looking into something like this. With traditional art, I can only get a fresh stock about once a year, when I head into the city.

@curator Not in my experience, but I wouldn't recommend the new Wacom tablets to anyone anyway, they seem to stop working faster than Apple products do xP Wacoms stopped being good after Intuos 4.

@curator @eishiya @Tristessa Wacom tablets don't refer to the flat computer, but rather to standalone drawing tablets.

I too recommend Tristessa starts with a drawing tablet(huion or wacom) because they're both cheaper and last longer than an ipad.

@Wolthera @curator @eishiya

Again, my big issue is availability. If I were to ship it, I could go into bankruptcy over costs😂.
We do have an iStore in the city, but no tech shops that go into something as specific as drawing tablets (heck, I've only come across one that even stocks mics, so it's a wasteland).
That's mostly why I'm looking into iPads, rather than something else.

@Tristessa (I replied earlier with some advice but there was a mistake in my reply and in any case there are too many variables involved in the question for me to give good advice, but) I can say that I'm very happy drawing on an iPad and that it's helped me a lot growing my digital art.

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