Doesn't matter what industry I shoot for, or where I go.

It's all the same bullshit.

I think I'm too patient/lenient with people on the daily. I'm tired of looking out for folks but when I'm not around suddenly it's an issue. I'm over it.

Lmao I'm so cautious about being optimistic about anything nowadays. There's just so many times I've gotten or felt so close to a breakthrough and then it getting taken out from under me at the last second that I'm... Jaded? Used to it? I'd love to be surprised, though.

Made it to the Second round✨. I'm glad. I kind of don't want to get my hopes up too too much.

I won’t do a Dionysios thread primarily because a) he had the least votes and b) I’m already posting his story!

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-throws final character thread at Twitter, runs and hides-
(I hope you like it!)

I have SO much more to say about him, but then this thread would be way too long. So I’ll just say that:
🧪He is a part of an alchemist guild.
🎂 his birthday is April 1.
🐈 he has a cat named Oliver.
🚬 he’s got a smoking habit. 😔
😱he is an ABSOLUTE coward! Total weenie!

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His clientele ranges from nobles to adventurers and even other alchemists of different stripes! Almost all manner of people, EXCEPT for the weakest. His potions are too strong for them.

People either really like him! or absolutely hate him for how curt he can be.

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He owns a shop called Potions Notions and has in his employ two very peculiar people (Irene and Dionysios). He has a very particular way he runs said shop and takes great pride in making and innovating potions!

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okay!! So here’s the last character thread I’ll make and it’s for Damakos! Local Alchemist and licensed nerd.

I came up with him initially as a throwaway npc-ish Tiefling character some [4? 5??] years ago and he became a fast favorite of mine.

Hey! I’ve got a new out on comicfury called Illusios, a story about an ancient land, rituals to protect it, and how so much of its safety rests on the sacrifices of The Exalted One.

This is my mirror site!

Updates Saturdays, come check it out! alchemistscollective.thecomics

Look at my boy Frederick, ready to start some trouble.

What if I just built an illustration portfolio. Just to see what happens. It's easier to showcase than a storyboard one! I'm not gonna pressure myself about it come portfolio day or anything. I just wanna try it out for myself first...

I got no warning, square Enix, now I'm getting nostalgic for a song I never heard before but has the v i b e s.

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SO LIKE Nobody was gon tell me about the sexy 90s RnB jam in the Amh Araeng desert???? Can I get like a Sade Mashup to this smooth tune?

On gods, if you figure out/suspect someone soft blocked you, do not persist in following them. I'm not entirely sure why people focus in on who and who isn't following them so fervently but it's a little odd.

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