I hope you guys dont mind when I start posting more smut? I know that may or may not be what some of yall came here for, but I have quite a bit in my folder I'm ready to share. I'll tag it, of course.

Real talk though if I did make a fighting game it'd be so much like king of fighters.

That DOES IT I'm making a fighting game with mine and my friends OCs and nobody can stop me.

OK but real talk this has to have been a grave mistake because now I'm getting we/b/dsignr bots blowing up my dms and idk who's real anymore lmao.

Is anyone/Does anyone know a good website designer? Because oof, I may need help very soon for my comic.

Klaus was soooooo beautiful! Please watch it!!!โค๏ธโœจ

That Sonic redesign is quite literally the fastest glow-up I've ever seen.

Get u a man who will help you with ur potions

Having fun with friends is like the highlight of my life =w=๐Ÿ’•

I want to give it a better format going forward because as it stands I can't do any reasonable print material with it, but I really liked making it. I might make future installments as a zine.

Real talk I miss making Potions Guide. It's on the back burner in exchange for actual story content but I remember having so much fun making it.

Why does everyone wait til I'm asleep to start messaging me?

I keep mixing up Incompetech's Kevin Macleod,
with 'Making Comics' Scott McCloud,
by the way,
is in fact NOT
Highlander's Connor Macleod.

I apologize to All the McClouds and Macleods I have mixed up , your surname is just so dang catchy.

A cute little photo I took yesterday. Happy Halloween!

Setting your story/comic/cartoon in hell doesn't give you a free pass to be openly toxic and not expect anyone to call you on it when it's seeped into your story. Stay classy.

Well. This is why I don't... Ask for help I always feel sick/guilty.

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