This was a design from a few years ago intended for adoption but I drew them again because I thought they were cute!!

I have a sketchbook I'm filling with watercolor/gouache paintings that I'm gonna be keeping to myself for the entire yr, mostly to learn in/self indulge. It's nice to have something that's just for my eyes and not feel obligated to share/be perfect in.

I've been getting back into gouache lately and I gotta say. Dang I miss it.

ALSO also, here's the I just finished working on. I just renamed it to "Dungeon Speed Run" because I had no other name for it. This was supposed to be for but it's OK! Enjoy:

It's a lot of short stuff from Feboardary in there, but I wanna elaborate on those boards a little later. For now this is what I have. AND I redid a good chunk of that dungeon adventure one. I'm pretty proud of myself...!!

Like, I did not start drawing way back before Twitter existed, just for some random person on the internet to be suddenly policing what I should and should not be doing in my artistic journey, like, lol you're dismissed.

It's hard not to see the art discourse on here fluctuating like every other day but anytime someone tries to be difinitive in what you should/should not be doing as an artist is the moment I tune out.

A skeleton? In MY body??? It's more likely than you think!!

My old chunky PS2 kept time, it's so loyal 😢

I wanna disappear into the background

I stormed onto ur works which are so impressive, which left me quite can I actually see some of your impressive work that I previously saw that I was impressed by? I’llgive you oh, say...-vague gesture- $500-$6000.

I feel like. I've been trying to gather up the energy and confidence to apply for storyboard positions.

Daft Punk means so much to me! Their music is so timeless. I hope that wherever each of them goes next, they are happy. Thanks so much for the experience, Daft Punk!

i think im going to do one more feboardary and then i'm good

Caught myself singing the millennial faire song from Chrono Trigger. ☺️still my fave game...

Yo I just picked up Red Mage and I dunno why but I super like it.

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