Animals are so great, man, I wish they had a planet all their own where humans can't reach, cause we seriously don't deserve them.

I'm lead to believe that Thriller is the closest approximation to the Monster Mash that we've got. In this essay, I will-

I am havin a long fuckin day. Like it's seriously kind of a lot.

"Angie this lady needs help!"
Me: "I literally clocked out for break"
"Oh youre on your break?"
Me:.......-literally just said this-
"...She needs a protein"
Me: -walks away- Hopefully streams can be a bit more stable if I use Twitch instead.

Kinda wanna make a separate twitter for this! Im always so private about my actual practice so probably not gonna be posting spells and altar stuff.

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Idk man there's a whole witch community on Twitter that I'm thinking about joining's tough to gel with a spiritual community. Im like 17 yrs into my path and I've always dipped in and out of communities.

It took this bumblebee a bit to realize i wasnt a flower so it was all like "oh pardon me" and sorta bumbled away, so cute.

Happy fall equinox , may persephone bless us during this transition.

The word of the year is "Attrition".

I wasn’t going to post this but I might as well before I change my mind.

Every little thing they're nitpicking me about, is just so irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, especially now. I think I'm just. Gonna keep quiet about anything from here on out.

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I'm well aware that I'm being actively sabatoged and brushed off at work. I literally have to take matters into my own hands because I know no one else is going to go to bat for me. I don't trust anyone here anymore.

I just need time... I'm so. So tired... In all aspects.

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Like. I dunno how anyone could possibly ask a person of color or any marginalized group to give it "one more push" when like. We don't actually know if that's what it takes or if the goal post will just be moved again...

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I'm really doing my best. With the spare energy ive got. But yall. I'm so sapped from all the elements actively working against me.

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It's kind of unfortunate that I've been to tired, worried and stressed to go full force and make a 100% effort to keep trying for a career as a board artist.

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