I do more than enough, even when others don't see it.
I need to work on recognizing that regularly.

... I need to utilize my secondary account more often that isn't following the animation industry, for my own health I think I need that alternative.

I am a simple person I see tamagotchi theme I like, I buy.

But what I'm REALLY craving is an aggretsuko themed Tama, C'mon @[email protected] PLS.

There's demon slayer themed tamagotchi and I bought two colors like the tamagotchi fiend I am.

LMAO almost all my wall posters are just goddamn YuYu Hakusho art.

I need time.
Just to work out my priorities, and not risk burning myself out again. I also picked up a non-art related hobby that I think, will help. I won't be sharing it publicly for some time. I just need something for me, that I don't feel obligated to share.

I am so tired of holding back, waiting on people and being walked all over and taken advantage of. Like. I'm so, so sick of it. It makes me not wanna reach out when I do need help.

Every time I take time off, even if it's just like 1 damn day, it feels like it always backfires, or like I shouldn't have taken it because "look what happens when you're gone :'(" or somehow, in some bitchy, passive aggressive way, I'm punished for it.

For your consideration for voice acting for Knuckles:
@[email protected]
Ice Cube
Phil LaMarr
Send tweet good night.

Give knuckles a second shot at his rap career I swear to gods.

-sigh- ugh. I think I'm hitting a wall with the way I execute my art... I need to get better. It's all starting to look the same to me. 😔💔

I've had a relatively inactive acct with Artfol since last October, but I figured I'd share since everyone seems to be hopping on it. Let's hope it sticks.

I can't imagine what people further out from the PST zone must be putting up with. Lmao I'm so tired of bending over backwards for people I don't know.

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Gettin' reeeeal tired of every animation related event being in PST. They often run too late (I'm 3 hrs ahead) and I gotta sleep early for work. Just. Diversify the animation industry in every aspect. Please. Location. People. Everything.

I should just unabashedly worship Hermes on main like, that’s my guy, and I’m a pretty loud devotee everywhere else i don’t even care what people think anymore.

Every time I open up premiere pro I experience physical pain. My kingdom for a smoother running, resource-light video editing program.

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