I wished earning more money, bought me more time to do things I want, but as ever, it doesn't.

"Y'know! Heatwave, and his son, icy-hot!"

They really out here green-lighting trash, huh...

Yo that lo-res sad meow sound the monster bosses make when you beat them in A Link to the Past.

It's alright bro not everyone wants to talk to you about their husbands they don't have, it's not the end of the world. πŸ˜‚

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It's okay though. I specialized from very early on in deflect/protection magic and now he won't talk to me at all. That's good! Now all we gotta take care of is that weakass excuse of an evil eye he's tryna give me.

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Like, you don't typically ask someone those questions unless you've built a rapport with them, saying good morning every day doesn't count you into being privy to my personal life.

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Like, I dont know what his obsession is with asking women at the workplace about their husbands but that's creepy. I remember he was looking at my hand for a ring, I wear many but not on my "I'm married" finger.

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Apparently the guy at work that I said I had a husband to (I don't) to get him off my back, and then later asked me about him to which I revealed I did in fact not have a husband when he asked about him

Is mean mugging me and not greeting me anymore, which is a RELIEF.

My co worker made my day today she's so funny.

I feel like I was just getting good at my job and now the rug is being pulled out from under me, and people are blaming me asking me why there's no rug. I'm so tired.

I don't know how many more changes are coming down the pipeline that fundamentally change the way I do my job, but I don't think I have the energy in the future to find out.

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Man... I'm so upset. I hate coming in first thing to work and getting an email listing off everything I did wrong because of a new system... It offsets my mood just so...

You ever just shoryuken when you're just so happy and excited but you accidentally uppercut someone

Toxic and poison are the exact same song.

Hope my west coast people are okay just heard you had earthquake time!!

Gonna practice drawing heads this week.

I still need to up my watermark game though. You just never know.

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