im doing alright except the eczema is spreading .... idk what im doing wrong
dont wanna go to dr
Insurance has been finicky lately and there are bills i need to fix that should have been covered.

Oopie i meant

I am Free from major depression since 11/10/20 sober from chemicals since 11/10/20

Heres to today. And the next day. And the next ... future todays

Nina Simone // Lilac Wine

I feel in love with this song during a relapse. It was summer 2020 and I was living life in hedonistic dreamworld. I remember full moon 4th of july listening to this song on a day in between psychedelic trips and feeling enraptured. I was thinking about relapse this week and what it means in the context of different behaviors. I am Free from major depression since 11/10/21 sober from chemicals since 11/10/21

please try weird shit and report back

TX mutual aid 

Sharing #MutualAid resources for the state of #Texas

Funky Town Fridge is a community fridge project that aims to combat hunger, empower our communities, reduce food waste, and educate the city of #FortWorth

In this clinic, black healers will be providing a variety of healing modalities to black individuals for FREE. To ensure these care takers are supported in mending the traumas of our community, we are raising funds to guarantee that their work is compensated and the clinic keeps it’s doors open (virtually).

This is an opportunity for allies to step up and support the healing of our black communities, directly.

Pls boost!!

lol also idk if it’s related to the vax but i woke up at 7am w a strong craving for bubble tea

heh it just turns out the day i get my first dose of the COVID19 vaccine is the day before alllllll of my household chores need to b done 😔

when a person doesn’t want to have sex immediately after beginning physical stuff ... a new journey ... it’s weird but right for me right now

pic description 

a smiling brown haired girl with green eyes and brown eyeliner and glasses wearing a winter headband and scarf sitting on a step in front of a green porch and a green door

I recently found an old wallet insert, and amongst the #ephemera found in it was this double-sided, laminated card featuring a ten question Accountability Dialogue.

I know I got this from something/someone in the Bay Area Pagan scene. I sort of want to date it to the latest 90s or earliest 00s.

I offer this to those who like to explore and experiment with such things.

a polymath is someone who's polyamorous and does math. hope this helps

I made this playlist called “ prayer of joy “ last summer. It has been growing 🐌
You can use it for background music, bath/shower music, meditation through movement. Enjoy 💙 —

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