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I'm Alison, I'm an artist. In my previous life I was a mental health worker.

I make all kinds of fiber art, right now my focus is on nudes and animals, but that tends to change every couple of months.

I love to cook and bake, love my plants, and am growing oyster mushrooms in my basement. I also like to admire other people's ceramics, painting, and illustration.

honestly why did people even try making new fashion trends after Hackers came out. Nothing is gonna top the raw chaos of cybercrime shaggy anyway

Embroidery with a central nude figure and several beetles. 

Still working away on this big piece, starting to come together a bit, though. No idea how I'm going to photograph it when it's done.

my first toot! hi everyone! i'm new here from instagram, i'm excited for a platform without unreal expectations/crazy algorithms.
i mostly do digital art and paint, and recently opened my own etsy! here's some fun prints i made recently :^)

this started as some shapeless scribbles but i was so happy with how it turned out!

✨🍓🥛strawberry milk moose🥛🍓✨

Hi friends.

I'm Al (they/them). I'm a and artist in Montreal. I do mostly and art and I'm learning to draw and paint. I'm very outdoorsy and draw inspiration from nature. I also have a lot of that's stopping me from creating at the moment, so I'll be sharing some old work for the time being.

Blood, trans flag mention of killing 

A demand not a request. #embroidery

repostin' because I'm learning how to mastodon

Many Gifts
gouache and watercolour on wood panel

This might be my favourite thing I painted this year c:

Embroidery of a rhinoceros beetle 

Yesterday's rhinoceros beetle is finished! Moving on to the rest of the composition.

Hey everyone! I'm a non-binary trans-femme woodworker out of NH. I started out making wooden earrings, and have grown to include kitchenware and furniture to my repertoire. Check out my page for trans-crafted jewelry and more. Here's a look at one of my recent pieces; a spalted oak earring set, with sterling silver hardware and beeswax finish.

Two more from this years zodiac series. Taurus and virgo. Nude and semi nude illustrations

Hello! My name is Lora and I like to draw friendly monsters, looking forward to seeing everyone’s great art!

is the hashtag y’all can navigate to read my posts. Currently, the drawings I posted on IG are the unedited version. My plan with this project is to finish drawing everything, go back and edit it, and work on getting it published. This is my first long-format comic project based on characters I started working with about four years ago. I hope y’all will join me on this storytelling journey :)

Hi everybody! .

I'm Jordan and I'm an artist migrating from instagram for much the same reasons as I think most people are.

I'll post some of my work and let it speak for itself. I love and I hope more of the art community joins us here.

Additional interests include issues and my faith as a .

I'm excited to be here. I hope this is the solution we've been looking for!

My first toot. I'm a printmaker living in Michigan. I primarily block print but I'm trying to move into more screen printing.

I print clothing, patches, notebooks and fine art. See more of my work at

Model - Lynzie Who

Hi! I'm new here, and like many, pretty frustrated with the censorship over on IG.

I mostly do embroidery, and as you can see below, sometimes I like to spice it up with paint! I used Beam Paint water colors, and they are just so good.

No clue how this site works yet, but we'll figure it out!

Drawing of a snowberry clearwing moth (Hemaris diffinis.) These buddies have bumblebee markings and are a SPECTACULAR hummingbird mimic- they fly exactly like hummingbirds do and those tufts of hair look exactly like tail feathers. This camouflage protects them from predators and makes them difficult to identify from a distance, but does not change what they are. I personally identify with that as an autistic person who masks, and a nonbinary person who is only out to a few close friends irl.

heres a little design i made recently that i wanna turn into some Things!! at first i thought id make it a button but now i feel like itd make a better acrylic charm and sticker :D

hi there! i have just joined the site. i'm a digital artist creating cute demon babes while using my limited pink and blue color palette. 🌺 some of my art falls into the LEWD category which made me try to use this site as an IG alternative, and it seems really friendly so far!

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