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Dayana Moon • 2018

This is an artwork inspired by the Roman goddess of the moon, Diana. Prints on paper and canvas available (DM me).

Also, I have been a bit busy setting up my tarot store on etsy — ; hence the lack of posts here. I’m listing new readings every other day and I hope to create some exclusive artistic offerings too inspired by the tarot. ✨

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I don’t know what to call this. I was simply testing out some new brushes. I seem to have come up with the biological structure of an unknown and possibly fictitious virus.

Jack Cyan 😋

~ a collage using vintage cyanotype scans

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Camille Under the Stars (eye contact) 

This is something I made with and the brushes on Instagram story a while back. Totally impromptu. 😋

My latest work of art 

Hello there! I'm an artist from India. New to the artalley instance. Looking to connect with fellow artists and commissioners. Here is some of my work —

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