Hello there! I'm an artist from India. New to the artalley instance. Looking to connect with fellow artists and commissioners. Here is some of my work —

@aurpera Nice! Who would you say are your major influences? I see hints of Alex Grey.

@mkb I don't have any specific influences. But like Yayoi Kusama, I have a thing for dots too. Not very familiar with Grey's work. Just looked him up today.

@aurpera Kusama is great! I got to see her exhibit in Los Angeles last year. She rocks.


Hi and welcome.
Are you aware that your website doesn't work at all without javascript? It doesn't even show a message, just a black screen.

@LienRag that's strange. It opens for me. It's a portfolio hosted on Fabrik.


Yes but do you block javascript (as well-behaved browsers do) when visiting it?

@LienRag I'm kinda lost. I use duckduckgo and chrome usually and I haven't had any issues so far.


Chrome is a security hole.
Try with Firefox+NoScript add-on...

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