everyone seems to have moved to other instances omg, i'm just getting caught up with all the goings on. it's really sad because i was enjoying this instance, but it looks like i'll be moving to mastodon.art once it's all set up.

My passion at the moment is painting forests - this is the first one I ever tried in oil, I still love it a lot because I feel I got the light just right!

my first toot! hi everyone! i'm new here from instagram, i'm excited for a platform without unreal expectations/crazy algorithms.
i mostly do digital art and paint, and recently opened my own etsy! here's some fun prints i made recently :^)

I want to wish everyone a happy winter solstice and Yule! I hope you take this moment in the year to reflect on the changes it has brought and to appreciate your achievement in getting through it. The solstice is a turning point, a time to learn from what has passed and look towards the coming seasons. Spring draws closer every day and brings with it the hope of renewal. I hope, as the sun comes back to us, a new sun can be born in you. πŸ’›

❄️ Isadora, the Midwinter Fairy ❄️

A protective and kind fairy, she spends the winter finding sanctuaries for those animals without shelter.

'Mary and the Witch's Flower' is one of my absolute fav films - this is the moment when the magic of the flower goes into Mary's hands after she finds it growing in the woods. If you haven't seen the film yet, you definitely should!

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"That flower's called a fly-by-night. They only grow in these woods and they only bloom once every seven years. They say witches used to seek it out..."

just joined so i thought i'd start off with a !

i'm very friendly so please feel free to reach out and chat!

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