Have some doodles of Sahiim that I've been doing before work. I've been meaning to get back into equine shapes for a while and play a bit with new methods of inking her.

Also a bonus Fa;gyrac is in there because I miss drawing her too.

Some bloody, killer robot drawings of Mechataur, a character of mine from CoX:Homecoming.

I recently had to replace my scanner, so now I can upload sketchbook inks again.

Have a little something of Primus and Sahiim out for a ride in the desert at night. I may need to mess with the scanner settings however to get it to scan how I want it to a little more.

Something from when I decided to explore a robotic Beaky, it ended up a bit too gory for the main account.

Have a whole bunch of junk from when I was still figuring out Susuh's design. He's starting to grow on me being the gross bloody guy he is.

Also looking for refs to figure out his look is fun too.

Some more Susuh, since I've been exploring his design more as of late. For the most part I'm figuring what to do about his eyes, or if he should have any at all.

Also playing around with whether he should have some viscera/fat left over from when he had been flayed and cursed.

I’ve been working on Susuh again, mostly playing around with giving him more facial muscles instead of keeping his face mostly a fleshy skull looking thing.

I like the range of expression with this design though I’m not sure about the eyes just yet. Might just go back to them not being there and having empty eye sockets.

Also a doodle of Susuh, since I wanted to figure out how he would look with more of his facial muscles intact.

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