“OTEMOTO” (2021) - Signed Giclée Fine Art Print on 200gsm matt paper – 800×590mm - bozgallery.com/product/otemoto - The original of this was only ever exhibited once and has been in a private collection for over a decade. I recently managed to borrow it back to make a new archival scan for the purpose of making full-size fine art prints.

Illustration from SGRUNTLE INVASION (Kindle Edition) - Written and illustrated by Boz Mugabe (2003/2021) - Get it here - amazon.co.uk/dp/B096BJQTFN

Fuelled by the inspirational fire of 1970's Beano, The Moomins, Dr Seuss, Struwwelpeter and the children's books of Peter Sís.

For ages 3 to 103!

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