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An introduction to pin, partially nsfw 

Hey hi, I'm Kato. The same @kato. I'm also Silvercruiser/Cirrusservile sometimes. But my name is DJ all the time.

I draw things! Usually safe for work but when it isn't it'll go here. I like sex comedy and I'm enamored with my own original characters. Let us get this bread

In-universe interview thing, ft. the World's Laziest typesetting

I had this little vignette of somebody interviewing Outcrosses (which are mixed-species individuals) about the good things about like, existing

First manga + Proudly repping the "Scholastic Book Fair" genre

I think Geronimo Stilton counts. Geronimo Stilton Does Count

I'm sorry sir, I'm trying to tell you that I can't speak Bougie! Aw no he has Airpods in. He can't hear me anyway

The masto/twitter crossposter seems to only work when it wants to and you know what? That's fine

The titles are songs that i'm hearing in my head at the moment of drawing them. You should look the up theyre good

just so i dont have to take a picture of the same full page twice

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