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Commissions are open! I will work with a list, not slots.

Ping me if interested (and don't forgot to read the Won't do section) 💙

I will inform you about the position in the list each time I end a drawing!

My drawings are free to use in any circumstances EXCEPT doing bad things against humanity.

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Hi! I'm a French girl from Montpellier
(* ^ ω ^)

I created this account to share my doodles and drawings, because I want to try to draw more often 🖌

Don't hesitate to criticize what I share, I'm here to improve my skills
(´。• ω •。`)

So, why do I choose to migrate?

1/ I don't feel secure enough on an instance where the admin menace to shut everything off when they have to deal with their community and are demanded accountability

2/ I don't feel right to give audience to an instance thinking minors can't have boobs (or other sexual attributes) and allow to share sexual depiction of minors because they "don't look like one"


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> This section applies to visual content such as illustrations, drawings, paintings, comics, digitally-generated images, and related visual content that appears to (1) show a minor engaged in sexual conduct or (2) show a minor with exposed genitalia in a way that is intended to sexualize them.


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> - Sexually suggestive or explicit content (including commentary) concerning real minors.
- Sexually explicit artwork that features
* fictional characters who appear pre-pubescent; or
* fictional characters who otherwise can be definitively and reasonably identified as minors


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It has been removed and replaced by:
> The following types of content are explicitly disallowed and will result in revocation of service:
- Content that promotes the ideology of, or attempts to recruit for, groups that promote discrimination against racial, religious, gender, or sexual identity, or mental or physical disability or condition.</li>


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Then today ArtAlley admin updated the instance code of conduct:

The original CoC contained:
> The following types of content are explicitly disallowed and will result in revocation of access to the service:
- Sexual depictions of children
- Content illegal in Germany and/or France, such as holocaust denial or Nazi symbolism
- Conduct promoting the ideology of National Socialism


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Full nudity, sexual depiction of minors 

They added to it the next day a post showing one of the problematic posts and the conversation with Elekk admin:


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I am migrating to my new art dedicated account at @darckcrystale

For those who wonder why I make this choice, please open the thread ⬇️

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Mastodon also has the ability to add image descriptions to your media posts, and we highly recommend you add them whenever possible.

When you upload an image, simply click the "Edit" button to be able to change its crop and add a description. It doesn't have to be too detailed, even a single sentence to get the idea across is helpful.

This goes a long way to helping make our community more accessible to folks who use screen readers. :bowie_stardust:

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A reminder that Mastodon has tools such as block, mute, and "Hide Boosts" to help you curate your experience, and we recommended you use them.

Is there someone who appears in your timelines often who you'd rather not see? Feel free to mute/block! A hashtag/topic that one person won't stop talking about? Filter it! A person who boosts way too much for your liking? Go to their profile, click the "…" button, and select "Hide boosts!"

Make this the social experience *you* want! :bear_hugs:

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We have finally "finished" our island on Animal Crossing and updated our dream to reflect that DA-9808-4963-2665

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Some sketchbooky bits and pieces from a range of different places because I have, as ever, about a million different sketchbooks in progress. Images CWed for a bit of non-graphic blood in one of 'em, but just to be safe!

#MastoArt #TraditionalArt #sketchbook

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@darkshadow777 @curator while I would like to assume the artist in question is not intentionally making under age characters in sexual situations.. it needs to be said that the over sexualization of minors from cartoons, even when "drawn as adults" shouldn't be so normalized. I was hoping Mastodon would be a better platform than IG or FB but it's not so hot over here either it seems... please take a step back and take accountability and take the steps to prevent this issue coming up again..

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@curator @curator Please ban depictions of characters who are canonically underage.

Rosa is a Pokemon protagonist. As with all Pokemon main series protagonists, she is a minor in her canon. Her depiction in the reported art makes no effort to make her appear older than her canonical depiction. If it did, I could understand, but the artist just didn't even try to make her look older. Even taking into account art style.

I have attached her official artwork (by Yusuki Ohmura) for comparison.

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Had to move artalley to a different hosting provider because it turns out they never allowed adult content in the first place. It took a while longer than anticipated. Apologies for the downtime.

Spider but cute, drugs mention 

Made a backup of my pictures and found this in it

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Instance related questions 

People who transitioned to another instance, is it nice where you are now? Is any good? By good I mean are people friendly there and do you like what you see? And does anyone know of a comic oriented instance?

I'm curious about the moving/ transferring process too, any downsides?

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Unfortunately whalefall did not include the receipts of our conversation in the post talking about our policies, summarizing it instead in more vague terms that made the situation look far more ominous than it was. In the end it is just one account in question and we didn't have a reason to review those policies previously. We have reached out to the admin to try and clarify the situation, but it is very difficult to fix rumours once they start circulating. (2/-)

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