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Commissions are open! I will work with a list, not slots.

Ping me if interested (and don't forgot to read the Won't do section) 💙

I will inform you about the position in the list each time I end a drawing!

My drawings are free to use in any circumstances EXCEPT doing bad things against humanity.

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Hi! I'm a French girl from Montpellier
(* ^ ω ^)

I created this account to share my doodles and drawings, because I want to try to draw more often 🖌

Don't hesitate to criticize what I share, I'm here to improve my skills
(´。• ω •。`)

not so lonely wallpaper version
wallpaper version ✨✨
the lonely ghost is not so lonely now (open for the update at the bottom 💝)
#pixelart #ドット絵

Jé fé un tableau pour le salon de coiffure de @lucie

Fais-toi couper les cheveux par @lucie , son skill éclipse les étoiles

#mastoart #art


Discovering the digital painting being like OMFG IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL lghkfjfgkjmlgfkj

Today's train at body drawing. It was a bit harder than yesterday, maybe because the pose of the model was harder to draw. I think you can see it in the picture, it's flat and a bit clumsy.

Today's train at body drawing. I'm really happy, like, I usually draw with a pecanical pencil and I didn't really felt familiar with digitial medium but thanks to @Krita and a few tutorials I ended up drawing as I do on paper with a pencil, which is so cool because I love to draw like this!

I used a model for underwears, and I will try to make once sketch/day like this, if you're interested in seeing them poke me, because I don't know if I would publish them here ✏️

I did the avatar of @hundrix, I'm pretty proud of how it went! (still need to work on it as they said to me that the ears are a bit too thin and long ;w; tho)

Here they are! A new batch of affirmation patches. Each one of these has a little saying that will be embroidered onto it.
But if you really like one and would like your own saying sewn on, now is the time to order up!

#FibreArts #ForSale #Anarchy #Solarpunk #Trans #WomensArt #Custom

Please help me find an outfit for her! Answer this post with suggestions to give this adorable potato with a face advices in styling! 🥔 👗

coucou !

de nouvelles mitaines sont sur la boutique !

29e la paire, envoi suivi :)

les bleu clair sont particulièrement douces :)

RT appréciés

I’m looking up stock photos of alchemy and I don’t regret it. Take a look at this fella: what’s he brewin’?? thread:

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