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Invite your friends, invite your favourite artists, invite whoever you're commissioning to come check this place out!

Some Nijire Hado doodles~ Haven't read this far, but she's pretty.

Commissions are open! If you're interested or have any questions, send me a DM or an email to [email protected]
Also offering animated gif commissions, check the samples and prices in the replies! And what I will and won't draw
Portfolio and TOS at:

Hiiii!! This is my first post here.

This is my OC Yuyunna. She's an Oni. *The illustration is kinda provocative, so just in case I marked this post as sensitive :D Enjoy

hello, i'm pem! I joined to motivate myself to draw more for fun and for practice... I tend to avoid drawing things that are more difficult. Here's some recent sketches, the magic girl is a bit of a cutie.

A very dragon nurse and a catgirl doctor that Patreon and Twitter helped design.

I'll stop with the grayscale sometime soon, maybe. :tinking:

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