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Invite your friends, invite your favourite artists, invite whoever you're commissioning to come check this place out!

Hello! just joined the site, here's some of my art to share. I'm excited seeing the quality of everyone's work on the site already.

Some scribbles of Resourceful Rat from Enter the Gungeon, also an excuse for me to dabble with Paint Tool SAI's binary tool since I haven't really done so in a long time.

I used the previous doodle to do some exploring with my methods and tools today. Here's the restult~

Thought I'd bring over some art that I'm proud of from my old social media accounts, starting with my bouncy little fairy girly, Eos~

I'm going to be focusing a bit harder on design and animation soon I think! c: It's definitely my strong suit.

Some Nijire Hado doodles~ Haven't read this far, but she's pretty.

Commissions are open! If you're interested or have any questions, send me a DM or an email to [email protected]
Also offering animated gif commissions, check the samples and prices in the replies! And what I will and won't draw
Portfolio and TOS at:

Hiiii!! This is my first post here.

This is my OC Yuyunna. She's an Oni. *The illustration is kinda provocative, so just in case I marked this post as sensitive :D Enjoy

hello, i'm pem! I joined to motivate myself to draw more for fun and for practice... I tend to avoid drawing things that are more difficult. Here's some recent sketches, the magic girl is a bit of a cutie.

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