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Invite your friends, invite your favourite artists, invite whoever you're commissioning to come check this place out!

was thinking about doing the challenge, but remembered I drew myself last year. so here's a throwback !

another new drawing coming soon

I don't do color work often. This was done as a farewell pinup when I ended my run on the webtoons series 'Dents'

I MADE A BABY YODA!!! I've been nitpicking them a lot. I'm finally ready to move onto the next step and try to make a tin based silicone mold. He is made from Roma Plastilina (sulfur based clay) so wish me luck with that!

This one isnt that but still, tits too unreasonably large to post on main

Well, thats my first tooth here, hello everyone. 👋

The biggest news since I last logged in is that I've launched my sexy romcom FAMILIAR. You can read it for free over at

Taking a small batch of full color sketch commissions this month $85, +$25 for additional characters (3 max). N/SFW=OK.

Email w/ brief description if interested! Will go over requests for tomorrow evening. Thanks!

[email protected]

As a lewd artist, my duty is to fight the evil No Nut November! So I will make 3 different sketch raffles during this month! One for Patrons, one for Gumroad buyers, and one for my followers!

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