Is it possible to put an ad on HF or something like that?

@curator Hi there! @darkshadow777 and I are mods on HF. We are unfamiliar with how much he charges but if you leave one of us with a contact email address we will let him know you are interested.

@curator In fact, it's possible to set an ad in HF. As @otherworldsam says, we are mods in there and we can contact the owner with your data, so he can get back at you and deal about costs and benefits!

Thank you so much for your interest!! <3

@darkshadow777 @otherworldsam That's cool. Do you think we could get more artists on here with an ad like that?

@curator @otherworldsam Any advertisement never hurts to a site. many would learn about art alley and participate. Worths trying!

@curator @otherworldsam I think that is enough for now, thank you! We will adress this to admin ASAP!

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