I've heard reservations from artists about signing up here because of the .porn domain name, and it also attracts users who think it's a place to dump porn GIFs, not to mention it turned out to be an expensive TLD after the first year...

So, should we look into getting an alternative domain name for this server?

By the way, "art alley" or "artist alley"? Which sounds better?

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I would like to involve the community more directly with the choice of a new domain name, but I am worried that if I post the ideas someone might snatch them...

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Yeah...a name implying erotic art would probably help.

@curator Yeah, I've had to mute/block a lot o those gif/vid accounts... it sucks that it's hard to escape o<-<

Looking into a new domain might be the answer, won't erase the issue but it can make it less prominent.

@curator I dunno if that would help that much. People will always break the rules regardless.

With domain names, registrars always give you the domain super cheap for the first year to get you to buy. It is a cheap and almost universal tactic.

@darkkittydin It would help with artists who feel uncomfortable associating their identity with a .porn domain or feel like it railroads them into only NSFW art when they create both SFW and NSFW stuff

@curator I suppose that is true. A lot of stigma with anything lewd 😩

Re the domain name real yearly price, it may depend a lot on the top level. The ".porn" top level is pricey overall, whereas ".org" or ".net" are way less.

@curator I actually enjoy the .porn domain name bcs there's no question this is a safe space for NSFW artists, haha. But I also understand it comes with unfortunate consequences - you could utilize "safer" words like smut or erotica, but there's connotations/expectations with those as well. It's difficult!

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