How do we invite more known artists over here? How to approach something like that?

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@curator I've been trying to do that myself. You might have to sponsor someone popular to let it known this place exist.

@curator I dont really know, but I would think you would just pay a Youtuber to give a shout out on thier videos to be simple.

@curator IME this has been fruitless because they're usually too busy to put time into any platform that's not where their audience already is. I think it would be more effective to appeal to artists with smaller audiences since it's much easier to meet new people here, and with enough of that, Mastodon will grow to the point where the well-known, busier artists will follow their audience here.

@curator let or make it easy for artist to cross-post and wait for the other site to fail them(<-- inevitable).

As an aside, additional artist centric features would be cool but way beyond scope (individually censor grouped media, sell art, ...) i dunno really

@curator Have you tried joining the HF discord server and sneakily let them know you have this instance?, if you work the "This is safer than twitter" motto they would join.

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