Art Alley's code of conduct has just been rewritten, borrowing a lot from Pillowfort's terms of use. There are no effective changes, but it is more detailed.

It can be viewed here:

Line by line difference to the previous version can be viewed here for 7 days:

There should be nothing objectionable in this rewrite but feedback is welcome.

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Really? All this, and you make "no effective changes", but basically just reword the CoC?

I mean.

It's not nothing, but its very close to nothing.

@marysue That's because there is no need to change them. A character can't look like a minor. Seems quite self explanatory.

@curator Found some "Content or conduct that disparages another user’s racial, religious, gender, or sexual identity, or mental or physical disability or condition; or that disparages these identities or conditions generally." 👇🏿👇🏾

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