will shut down in 3 months on October 6.

it’s appreciation month for my patrons! First up we’ve got an awkward prom photo featuring Daio and @[email protected] excellent character Fred, a fire genasi! The antlers make for some precarious eye dodging! But look at those smiles! 👌🏾🎊 thanks for your support, grape!

Man oh man. I remember making this, I spent hours on it and ended up not even liking it. It didn’t have a lot of notes...But I went through my old art tumblr and..
It’s not bad! Social media really did a number on my confidence and I’m really working hard to restore it...

Art Alley's code of conduct has just been rewritten, borrowing a lot from Pillowfort's terms of use. There are no effective changes, but it is more detailed.

It can be viewed here:

Line by line difference to the previous version can be viewed here for 7 days:

There should be nothing objectionable in this rewrite but feedback is welcome.

@Lil_bean Could it be that you're trying to use a different e-mail address than the one you signed up with? I can give a hint

@eldang One of the admins of elekk finally responded to our e-mail and if I understand it correctly, the "nazi imagery" in the report referred to one of the characters in the first picture in the post, who is said to be an original character of Shadman. How any of us were supposed to recognize an original character of Shadman though...

Had to move artalley to a different hosting provider because it turns out they never allowed adult content in the first place. It took a while longer than anticipated. Apologies for the downtime.

@Sylvhem It is not your fault, please do not blame yourself!

@lepetitmort333 It should just work, what error message are you getting?

Attempt to contact admins over e-mail was unsuccessful, so posting receipts here. Here is the original report we received (name of artist redacted), and a private exchange with whalefall. The comment mentions nazi imagery, but none could be found in the reported post, or in other posts at the time we checked the account (if a post that was reported was deleted, it would still appear on the report). Drawings did not seem to depict minors. (4/-)

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@ohcoolafrog To add to this, blocking our whole instance because of a situation with a specific user messes with the ability of our other users here who haven't done anything wrong to move to a different instance properly (keeping all previous followers). There was no danger or harm or hostility to anyone that would warrant such a destructive response. I am very sorry about the situation this puts you and our other artists into.

@Lil_bean You can always reset your password from the login screen was meant to provide a home for a community of artists that is more friendly to adult content than commercial platforms but more clean and safe than other adult websites, and was never anything more than a hobby project motivated only by the joy it brought its users. But if it will not be possible to undo the damage caused by this incident, then there will be no reason to keep it going, and it will be shut down. (3/-)

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Unfortunately whalefall did not include the receipts of our conversation in the post talking about our policies, summarizing it instead in more vague terms that made the situation look far more ominous than it was. In the end it is just one account in question and we didn't have a reason to review those policies previously. We have reached out to the admin to try and clarify the situation, but it is very difficult to fix rumours once they start circulating. (2/-)

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To comment on ongoing discussions about, sexual depictions of minors are absolutely not allowed here. Until now the guiding principle of this rule enforcement was physical appearance of characters rather than specific knowledge of various canons. If a character has the body of an adult, it is an adult, and if the character has the body of a minor, it is a minor, even if the canon claims it is a 500 year old dragon. (1/-)

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