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It's been awhile since I posted here! Last time I was online it was Anyway, here's some angsty She-Ra S3 Catra (spoiler maybe?)

Sketch commission for TheOctopusMan of their OC's, (from left to right) Gribnak, Berri and Feng cospalying in skimpy gantz outfits

... Gribnak is a sorcerereress and kind of a pill, yeesh

Demon Lady, partial nudity 

and repostin here I guess

random lewd doodle of an OC I designed for a guy going by the handle of theOctopusMan

Added :ArtAlley: emoji thanks to @darkkittydin and of course @ohmydear who drew the original picture.

Master Pang, did this for fun. This queen has seemingly too little fan art of her, haha.


I commissioned GafreitasArt @ birdsite for this!

If you had Twitter cross-posting or other apps set up, you will need to re-setup those because of the address change.

started getting alerts for new follows, but it's just artalley folks getting updated with their new instance handle! neat!

congrats on the new instance name!

Hello from the new domain! If I've done everything right, all our users should have kept their followers from other instances! :blobpeek:

Okay, it might go down for a while! It might come back as!

I have now purchased the domain for this instance. I will look into switching it out without breaking things

Please join our Discord server for discussing the potential Art Alley domain change!

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