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Finished their ref sheets! I normally don't bother with those but since these guys have such cartoonish proportions I thought it would be helpful later on haha

also, hats??? why are they so hard

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i didn't post day 1 here but i'm gonna try to post the rest. I'll also start posting my tomorrow :)

I'm a day late on but here's a first contribution - Eisa with some dicks. Prompt was 'blowjobs' (I pretty just made a big old list of kinks and am picking as I go). I'm prolly gonna keep these to sketches, but I like how this came out.

Hiya! Im new here and I can;t wait to share more of my art with y'all!

It's 🎃SPOOKY MONTH🎃 and wanted to remind ya'll that this creature has a Patreon & a Sponsus✨

👻 Get access to👻
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nude lady drawings, nsfw 

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