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Recently, I worked on a "Big Cat" version of myself. It was not easy for me to find right pattern and colors, but I love the result èué

THEN tonight I did this and feel very happy with it 💙

HELLvetica. Like helvetica, but with like, much shittier kerning for Halloween.

anyway, I did make art (and forgot to post it here as usual) and I'm pretty happy with these! I'm gonna be selling these as a set of stickers at a little local comics fest coming up in a couple weeks, and online later if there are extras.

emergency commissions/donations 

Hey everyone, hope you have a fantastic week! How is your monday going?

Cheers!! <3

people of mastodon, please rec me masto artists to follow, the only thing I miss about twotter is how many arters were there; A Bitch Needs Some Content

also my super duper cool friend zmeess said they'll join masto if they could follow enough fellow artists. I'm gonna attach their arts check it out

#mastoart #homestuck #sailormoon

okay, sort of a tricky sketch commission for Octopus Man of Yuya being bridal carried by their bf Sano

Yuya's a pretty big girl though so he's uh... he's having some trouble

OctopusMan gets their OCs Raru and Yuya making silly faces, Corivas' Eloise suffers some inconvenient lewd spell, Zerowags Crimson Tentacle mugs for the camera, and ZoopBoopLoops newbie succubus Syme fidgets

okay, stream finished, here's the finished comms (minus one which was asked to be withheld); first up all of Mazinja's just for convenience's sake

then the remaining sfwish ones... of which there are none, so lets get straight to the sexy stuff

Ya might be wondering "Ok, but... what is a 'compositor?' "

Glad you asked! Here's a breakdown of a closeup from Episode 7.

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Botan commission~ Fall is the season we should get cozy. ♥️

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