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February commissions are open, full color sketches again~ 15-ish spots. $85, +$25 for additional characters (3 max). Only taking one additional sketch page, $200/2 char. max. N/SFW=OK.

Email w/ brief description if interested! Thanks!

[email protected]

Hello! I'm new here so I don't really know my way around yet.

I'm an artist who likes GBF, On Air!, Vocaloid, Servamp, and Ensemble Stars.

Happy to meet everyone~

Everyone remembers Link constantly trying to kiss Zelda in the 90s cartoon, but Zelda was honestly just as ridiculously horny in the heat of the moment.

Etillabay omfray Aymanray. Eshay's anway absoluteway arlingday. ♥

That feeling of purpose and accomplishment when you're recruited for a project with a content creator.

was thinking about doing the challenge, but remembered I drew myself last year. so here's a throwback !

another new drawing coming soon

I don't do color work often. This was done as a farewell pinup when I ended my run on the webtoons series 'Dents'

I MADE A BABY YODA!!! I've been nitpicking them a lot. I'm finally ready to move onto the next step and try to make a tin based silicone mold. He is made from Roma Plastilina (sulfur based clay) so wish me luck with that!

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