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▪ can't tatt right now, so over the next few days i'll be posting some of my fave tatts i've made :)

Enjoying the vibes on Mastodon so far!

So happy that my adornments came in today 😍 think I been waiting 2 months- so worth it. Look her up Maya Beth Maker

I feel so held 🤍
And fine tbh

I am dumbfounded by all the people who claim that staying on Instagram and actually self censoring is way more radical and sticking it to the man somehow than simply migrating to Mastodon and being free of all that. People also talking about how difficult it is to set up an account and how dangerous it is??? It’s bizarre. But that’s a solstice grand conjunction for ya. Most just don’t wanna lose their followers since they’re not all here already yet even if only 2% of them are even served.

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Any comic artists in Europe around here?? Here's an open call with a decent grant you can apply for:

My first toot. I'm a printmaker living in Michigan. I primarily block print but I'm trying to move into more screen printing.

I print clothing, patches, notebooks and fine art. See more of my work at

Model - Lynzie Who

It feels so good to just post without concern of “likes” or “unfollows”, there’s such a wonderful to this platform

hiya, i’m wayne (they/them pronouns). i’m a queer hapa filipinx-american artist and illustrator. i made a mastodon bc I hate Instagram lol. i mostly make illustrations but i also stream on twitch at

This is Marcelo, my cat. He’s such a wonderful, cuddly companion. When I had COVID, he laid in bed with me for a week and a half and kept me company. The sweetest man.

No clue how this works n if anyone can see me but u know it’s cool.

Hi guys, I’m new to Mastadon. Sharing some of my most recent works. Both of these are available as prints in my Inprnt Shop

Absolutely love seeing more people pop up in the feed as of late 👀 It always makes me happy to see more new faces around here!!

already posted this on main but I rly like it and am proud I've managed to finish my project so here, the green screen was v hard to get right but we made do


Hello! just joined the site, here's some of my art to share. I'm excited seeing the quality of everyone's work on the site already.

Some scribbles of Resourceful Rat from Enter the Gungeon, also an excuse for me to dabble with Paint Tool SAI's binary tool since I haven't really done so in a long time.

I used the previous doodle to do some exploring with my methods and tools today. Here's the restult~

Thought I'd bring over some art that I'm proud of from my old social media accounts, starting with my bouncy little fairy girly, Eos~

I'm going to be focusing a bit harder on design and animation soon I think! c: It's definitely my strong suit.

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