Mod art wip, I'm screaming at these gays 

i am very invested in making this design happen

2B, Alice (in Wonderland) and Raven commission. Raven tho👀

Thalia and Onyxia commission work, original characters.

Another Pkmn Black/White commission, my favorite~ Hilda has some fun with Rosa. 👀

Remember that technology is a tool. Use it to help yourself.

Yksvoluar 135

Dear followers: I´m just curious about how or why you get here, ? hentaifoundry? other? what would you like to see in the future? (I accept suggestions) bye

⭐️ Hey I’m taking limited portrait sketch commissions in this style!
⭐️ 25USD, +5 for cell shading! 😊 Not FCFS, DM w/ refs if interested!
- payment upfront through PayPal
- furries preferred, humans OK
- sketchy, limited palette, portrait size
#CommissionMe #MastoArt #FurryArt

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