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My new price sheets for 2020 is ready to be shown, so you can see what options you can choose from to get some art from me. Take a little read, make your choice and I will be more than glad to work for you! ^_^.

There are two charts available for the two main modalities of commissions I currently offer, click on them to see them bigger!

Read the complete information and rules regarding commissions here:

Thank you!

I can't blame him... that vixen is just too sexy for not doing her :V

YES, this is KAM2020! and you know this month all of you (yes you!) gotta adore our furry goddess, Krystal!

Commission for

For Trina is hard to feel comfortable enough to express love so easily. Fortunately, Gabe knew how to earn her heart, with true patience and genuine love for her.

Commission for Anon

Oh oh... seems this party is in trouble. That's why you always bring a wizard with you! :V

Commission for

So... here we have a wild for , which happens to suit for . Do you think this suits her? :V

Well? You think you got an answer for the lady?
Also, remember, pink is superior color. :V

Nothing like a good dessert after a good meal... really enjoys that, specially if that desser is her lovely . :V

Commission for

Summer is nothing if you don't have some nice sex on the beach! And seems Kyre and Yukiko aren't wating time! :V

Commission for Cythis

This week I couldn't have anything ready for , but instead of not doing nothing, let's appreciate how sexy elves look in fishnets!
Next week I will do something I promise! ;_;

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