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My new price sheets for 2020 is ready to be shown, so you can see what options you can choose from to get some art from me. Take a little read, make your choice and I will be more than glad to work for you! ^_^.

There are two charts available for the two main modalities of commissions I currently offer, click on them to see them bigger!

Read the complete information and rules regarding commissions here:

Thank you!

This is your tipical practicing some movements... X3
, her brother doesn't approve, but there's nothing he can do, she's the village leader after all :V

Well... it's only fair! If she wants respect, Ilyse must become a kunoichi... or a sub for Trina... maybe... :V
Only the best ninja training!

# ๅฟ่€… ,

I actually forgot it was Easter lol. Just used it as an excuse to draw Bun Kiara~ :P

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