Nene Romanova from classic cyberpunk anime Bubblegum Crisis. Full set will be ready soon.

And a follow-up... 

Apparently CSP is moving into SaaS direction... :(

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""The adventures of Švejk will be timeless as long as people will be dressing up in uniforms and dying 'For God, Country and Emperor'""
I am going to do sequel to that!

I am trying to beat anxiety and art block with some material studies...

I am fine, but I need to break art block, so I started making materials study...

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

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in lieu of a new Graduation episode, have some Fitzroy. Yes, he's absolutely a himbo, no I will not be taking questions, thank you.
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A little rant on that topic 

The screen is too small, period.
My dream is affordable 13-15in tablet with pressure sensitive stylus.
Also mobile apps usually use proprietary file formats and rely on cloud services, unlike desktop where you have more degree of freedom with hardware and apps.
Mobile computing looks increasingly like a vendor locked place when you must pay for things you already bought..😞

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😍 Made it nearly one year ago... A I made more of here this year, more to come soon... 😋😻

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