man I kinda wanna get railed at least once this year.
But I’m shy, people and sex both scare me, and I hate going out. So I do not know how I will achieve this.

selfie, eye contact 

@dravidosaurus I/d: Div, a South Indian femme with dark skin and curly dark hair kneels on the ground in front of tall bookcases, wearing a stripy shirt that’s off the shoulder, chunky blue earrings, light wash jeans. They have on purple eye makeup, a red pottu and a silver horseshoe septum piercing.

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selfie, eye contact 

First pic of the new year so u can finally behold my hotness ft. My mums old sitar, lots of books and a cardboard box full of art crap

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Boosts really appreciated

Does anyone know of a good plus sized clothing store online? I have a friend who's really struggling to find stuff they like that fits.

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drawing a picture of my pussy in the death note cause i want that thang murked

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Ayuukwee everybody I'm an artist trying to support my friends and family who have covid, who can't work, and need to make ends meet. I have asthma and fibro, going back to service work isn't possible right now. If you are able to, please support my work!

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Muthafuckin love this!!!! 🖤

Pictures from the weekend in India, where farmworkers have kept protesting, blocking roads and struggling against the three "pro-corporate" laws passed by the neoliberal Modi government.

(Photos via Reuters and Getty)

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Being allowed, perhaps, to swim my way
Through the great deep and on the rising tide,
Flashing wild streams, as free and rich as they,
Though you had power marshaled on you side

The fish escaped to many a magic reef;
The fish explored many a dangerous sea–
The fish, Medusa, did not come to grief,
But swims still in fluid mystery

Forget the image: your silence is my ocean,
And even now, it teems with life. You chose
To abdicate by total lack of motion,
But did it work, for nothing really froze?

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🐍queer, trans, non-binary art student

I make art about queer experience, started a (mega)zine FLOU about nonbinary issues. I mostly do illustration, I'm starting with zines and comics, I'm obsessed with bookbinding, sometimes do handpoke, lino prints and ceramics
I move around Czech and Slovakia mostly, sometimes Amsterdam. Now moving to Tallinn for a bit (if anyone's around there we could hang!)
I like pretty rocks, plants, reptiles and insects, love cartoons (usual gay stuff)

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Fat women in art history: Judith by Palma Vecchio (from the 1520s). Holding the head of Holofernes.

I think the ways in which BIPOC experience gender-nonconformity r very different from the way trans/queer white folk do. Even cis- BIPOC get dehumanized so much that they have to redefine what manhood or Womanhood means for them, this applies ESPECIALLY to Black people.
Idk man white queers regularly forget the kind of privelege and supremacy they have.

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hey, it's christmas morning
i didn't exactly eat anything yesterday other than a single sandwich since we're low on food
if you'd like to help out with me being able to eat something more substantial, this is my paypal


(please don't donate if you can't, i don't want to take away from other people's money if they don't have stability and can just make it back)

Genital mention, L*na D*l R*y reference 

No context memery
I/d: a digital illustration of Haley, a white blond femme with blue eyes and curly blond hair wearing a bright blue tank top, set against a background of a cloudy summer sky and ocean. Text reads: My pussy tastes like Joja Cola

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But Sir that is my emotional support horny Moses Sumney song 🥺

Looking to find more non-white folks who are , and/or
so interact w this and say hi if you are
(White ppl can boost) ❤️🌈

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frog of the day: these handsome devils are called titicaca frogs (don’t laugh) or scrotum frogs (don’t laugh) and they’re endangered (see I told u) the extra skin helps them get more o2 from the water

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