What's that? A new animation? With an old rig!? Ducky, yer getting lazy!
(nah but for realz, thought i'd do something straight to the point for a change)

What's that? A new animation? With audio!? A huge thanks to @[email protected]
for providing the voice talent and being a sport all throughout!

How do I collect commission monies again?!

furry sizeplay large female 

Decided to finish old sketch from 2017

Nude male furry hyper 

Wonder if I ought do something sketchy for a change

furry macro male hyper 

Quick pic4script trade with @bullsworth from a while back

On that note, I wonder if there are instances where my stuff would fit in better thematically.. :thaenkin:

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Hoh, I come back and the domain has changed from .porn to .social, and I can't find any indication as to why.

Is this instance looking for a wider audience or tryin'a tone the 18+ stuff out?

Did the followers carry over?

I'm somewhat confused right now.

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even though i don't find an ounce of masculinity in me, there are some transmasc people helped me figure out who i was. a small list of appreciation:

Sam Dylan Finch, who is amazing (letsqueerthingsup.com/)

Thomas Page McBee, read Man Alive and Amateur, because they're really good books (thomaspagemcbee.com/)

maybe not transmasc but definitely influential:

Molly Woodstock of the podcast Gender Reveal, the literal best podcast about gender i've ever heard. (genderpodcast.com/)

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furry macro male animation nsfw 

Old test that I never got to rendering, so here.

sizeplay, animation, large female, furry, 1st person 

Bonus! Wondered what it might look if I attached camera to that dude's head. Pretty funky.

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