Oliver Tree

Referenced from the "I'm Gone" music video

The most sincere troll! Alien? Immortal? I cannot tell you how much fun I have had this past year watching all of the music videos for Ugly Is Beautiful. His face is very uncomfortable to watch, which I assume is on purpose.


Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph of Twenty Øne Pilots

Referenced from Stressed Out music video

MY BOIS whom I only started listening to about a year ago and now I can't believe it took me this long to listen to their discography. They have that delicate balance of desperation and compassion in their lyrics, yanno?


John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats

From video of John singing "This Year" at Jordan Lake Sessions

I remember back in high school when my best friend, Kate, gave me a mix CD with Sax Rohmer #1 by The Mountain Goats on it. I was tickled to learn that we had overlaps in musical taste. I still have the disc


Robbie Skinner of Cavetown

The cinnamoniest of cinnamon rolls

Really lovely singer-songwriter and musician who puts up videos on YouTube that show a bit of the method behind recording and mixing. Also they taught me that Oatly is the best oat-based dairy alternative~

"Lemon Boy" is one of my JAMS but there are so many excellent songs, GO FORTH AND ENJOY


Daveed Diggs for more portrait practice. Reference image from his "Small Things To A Giant" music video. I've been listening to "Night Time" a lot~


Lili Trifilio from Beach Bunny, specifically in the Blame Game music video (highly recommend, BTW)

Getting back into portrait practice after seeing other folks like @Mirima do figure skater studies and remind me that Real! People! Are important references! So I can do a better job when I make stuff up!


This is Minerva

She gives zero shits about your nonsense rule about no cats on the dining room table

I love herrrrr

Oh hey!! If you use pronouns that other people need to practice, I recommend you check out my printable activity book.



~sliding scale donations accepted every day on my educational printables~

Oh hey its International Trans Day of Visibility. Hullo, from your local nonbinary pal (it's me)~

Floral Binds - A Harley and Ivy minicomic

Pages batch 2/3

See it on dA instead:

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Went outside to go on a walk for the first time in a month. These are exactly the kind of flowers I love the most and I was so happy to see some in full bloom~ 🌸


Being bold and posting my first NSFW art. A tender moment? In a simplified coloring style.

Progress! Teeny preview of how its going vs where it started. Final comic will be a little NSFW which is new for me to share and I'm NERVOUS. If u like what I do, consider buying me a ko-fi or supporting me on Patreon (links on my profile) :3


My first post here! My art style for the challenge. I hope y'all look forward to seeing a round up of my fave images I made in 2020.

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