I have been working on and off on a comic book. I write text and draw some rough pages, but then I might leave it for a few months and come back to it. This page is from last July, where I am still working out some scenes and dialogue.

Religion, devil, drawn violence. 

Studies of paintings from the National Gallery (London) website. Since the gallery is closed they have very good reproductions of paintings and you can zoom in to see all small details.
First is Bartholomé Bermejo's Saint Michael from the late 15th century. Don't remember who the other painter was.

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Comics zine .pdf free download 

I tried to upload a whole zine on here but it didn't work because the file was too big, so I made this patreon post public : patreon.com/posts/43787259

It's a comics anthology with all the party themed comics I ever made. feel free to download and print! I don't think I will ever print it again.

Using the map editor of the game Heroes of might and magic 3

Pen and ink drawings from pocket sketchbook.
Hope to start drawing some comics again in 2021.

In a rpg game when I completed one of my first sidequests, I immediately felt sad for closing off the other storylines. I understand why people play these again and again.

Page from summer. I sometimes doodle for fun or before I need to work on something and often draw them in panels even if I have no story. Sometimes they are based on events of the day or something I have read in free association. I like the openness this creates, so imagine whatever you want here.

During lockdowns, I started playing games, which I haven't done since childhood. I used to play games like SimCity and other building and strategy games. Now I look into RPG adventures and I realise I have missed out on this storytelling art. I love literature, film and comics, so the story aspect interests me a lot.

I was confused with the different servers, but I am getting the hang of this slowly. I accidentally have two accounts now, one here and one in the more general server. For now I will keep both to check the feeds, but eventually decide to stay with this one for posts.

A week ago, I did a 24 hour comic challenge and a complete story of 24 pages in 24 hours. Extra limitation was to only use 24 words. I haven't made much work in the last 4-5 years and this reminded me how quickly a story can be written and drawn. I usually have a hard time finishing things or start something new halfway. Some pages.

Hello, first post. I am Evan, 33 years old, most of my life socially anxious and kind of lonely person. I like drawing, reading literature, film, long walks and cooking. I'll use this to post recent drawings or diary comics and talk to people.

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