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Hey folks. Commissions are open again. I've made this little sheet with some broad pricing information. More info and order one here:

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I inked and colored my pencil drawing of Aga, and I've finally reached a design that I'm happy with!

cartoon eye contact 

I plan on finishing all these digitally when I get my tablet back, by the way!

hey all! I've been without my tablet for a couple of months now, but I've been drawing a lot of pencil art. I'll stagger out my uploads because I have a lot of backlog but enjoy! Here's a drawing of Aga I made a little bit ago.

Is anyone else having trouble uploading art? I tried yesterday and again just now, but it just seems to get stuck on "uploading" forever

I...think I might try and do Art Fight again this year

I made a new wolf OC! They're a Great Plains wolf named Varmint. Maybe I'll upload the NSFW version later?

might not finish this either. it's been a real shit couple of days.

I'd tag as WIP but not finishing this. Very open for commissions


When I'm done with commissions and stuff, I had an idea for a tf comic and while I'm not especially into that, I'm actually pretty excited to make it


is it a good thing or a bad thing that i'm feeling able to make vent art again??

pet death in text, angel dog in drawing 

A day ago, I found out that one of my beloved dogs had passed away. Her name was Emily and she was an absolute rascal of a dachshund who tore after tennis balls and small animals like nothing else in her youth. She was 16 when she passed, and I was told that it was a good and peaceful death, but my heart is in pieces because she's gone forever and I wasn't there to tell her goodbye.

Hey all! Commissions are wide open and would help me a lot right now. I'm a character artist and can do humans, anthros, and ferals. More info on my google form:

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