i'm back~ and i can finally confidently line and color my nsfw stuff, so hopefully i'll be posting more ❀️ anyway here's a little sketch, i'll be posting the colors later tonight

also ALL sfw posts are at mastodon.art/@freja , this is just my filth-only acct 😘

re-worked an old piece bc i was unsatisfied with the way the colors turned out c':

I should clarify the content policy on artalley.porn:

βœ… Your art
βœ… Art you commissioned
βœ… Your personal updates
🚫 Uncredited picture dumps

a little different lewd~ 

daily filth from your local freja~ 

almost forgot today's post, sorry! 

(xposting from my main bc i never made an intro on this instance!)

i'm freja and i'm a queer latina illustrator!! fandoms/tags you'll see me in are guilty gear, yakuza, pmmm, granblue, bloodborne, dungeons and dragons, and probably more tbh~

my commissions are open and i have a ko-fi too!! here are links for those as well as anywhere else to find me on the internet~

my main acct is mastodon.art/@freja ~ see you around!!

just more filth from me~ 

oh boy i have so many female presenting nipples to post, i'll be spacing them out though!!

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