For a few wild months in Hareven it was trendy to wear big mittens in romantic moments. Then everybun realized it was really limiting their options so they stopped.

The first ever bunland drawing before it even had a name. Only took 2 years to get to it...

A very dragon nurse and a catgirl doctor that Patreon and Twitter helped design.

I'll stop with the grayscale sometime soon, maybe. :tinking:

again. Brought back last week's OL couple for Valentine's Day.

May you have someone to share honmei choco with. Or, even better, forget that and just eat it all yourself!

Early Valentine's Day idea...

This is only the 2nd time in a year posting SFW stuff. πŸ‘€

Hope I'm posting properly. I might've been doing it wrong before... :thinkhappy:

Anyway, some new buns.

I like the Le Chat Noir poster joke in the back more than anything.

I'll start updating here again! I was a little confused if I was accidentally posting NSFW to other servers so I stopped. :thinkhappy:

You can find recent art on Twitter, because reposting everything is really hard work:

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