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I'm here to grow, be inspired and to give support to artist.

A bit of text/album cover art work. I liked the phrase and spent some good time on the design.

Playing around with Blender. No idea what I'm doing, mind you, but I made this somehow.

Progress pics of the last lesson of the watercolor course ( Now officially done! 🎉

Learned so much and excited to keep going with this medium 🖌️

Guess who just discovered grid guides!? Did a couple of isometric homes for fun!

done in about 45mins.

another sketch of Elle and Emilia 🖤

they are just too relaxing to draw 🖤

my tattoo design of peggy’s cove. i miss nova scotia, been feeling pretty homesick lately •

Been working on environments lately. Got inspired by the first episode of and jotted this down quickly.

Hi! im nibs, im a young queer fanartist from belgium

Im mostly active on twitter/tumblr but i wanted to give this platform a shot

Some more practice in Procreate! Followed a tutorial from Art with Flo on YouTube.

Took about 30mins.

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