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thanks to the wonderful @apples ive been able to make a acc so!!!!! please give my sfw/semi professional account a follow!


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howdy. i'm the sheriff of no one under eighteen

i should be studying but....what if.... i draw porn instead....

dang being on here reminded me of how fun drawing horny stuff is ://// i want to get back to that soon

anyway hey guys im sorta back but still kinda here/not here because i havent been drawing much lately but ill get back on that horny grind soooooooooon :bloblewd:

HELLO IM STIILL ALIVE I PROMISE im just very busy!!!! if anything i might lurk around for a while before i fully start posting again!

A self-indulgent #fanart of Blackwall from the amazing #dragonage Inquisition. I just wanted to draw a buff character! This is also a redraw of an older fanart.
_(:3 γ€βˆ )οΌΏ


Thank you very much for the follows and the toot boosts fellow mastofolk! I really appreciate it! β™₯

β—― Please do check out my Patreon @
For $2 a month (or more if you're generous haha), you can enter my monthly art request raffles for a chance to win a waist-up drawing like below!

#mastoart #CSP

Haven't drawn my Jack in a while, and can't even remember when the last time was I drew him with his hair down.

this might be a β€œhot take” but i’m getting real tired of fascism

a handsome bugman with a knife and a pretty lady with a bottle of booze 

so uh HI ART ALLEY DOT PORN! here’s a WIP panel from the coolest thing i’ve ever been able to work on, a new spring break porno comic for slipshine! it’ll be available for your eyeballs sometime in the next few months! πŸ”žπŸ‘™πŸ†πŸ’Ž

i'm supposed to be winding down for bed but I got too excited about planks

have you caught up with the latest pages where everything is a disaster πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

you really are just allowed to draw whatever the fuck you want huh? there are no rules huh? wtf?

Finally finished a for a friend!! Characters belong to my buddy, not me!

Featuring Jenna (bound) and Djinni having a fun time with some toys!

please BOOST!

Hey guys!! Im strapped for cash so im opening up commissions, NSFW and SFW!

$15 USD sketch commissions, or $20 USD for a sketch with simple colors. (examples attached)

im doing only pin ups (solo characters) for right now, but i can draw pretty much anything!

Im not able to draw furries or mecha, but monsters and humans are my jam 😎

Almost forgot about this!

Fellow artists, do you have trouble finding the right lighting and colour, do you just want your pieces to look physically right? Colour Constructor is a little tool developed by Murry Lancashire that simulates colour behaviour under certain lighting conditions! It's best to see it in action.

This also reminds me I should put it to use more often. πŸ˜…

#ArtTips #ArtTools πŸ–ŒοΈ

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