As a deaf I'm very frustated with inaccessible videos and especially youtube sucks at this, they recently removed the community captioning. The amount of captioned & new videos have gone down drastically and it has pushed people like me out of many communities. There's one certain problem that I'm very frustated of; captioning ONLY when some other language than english is being spoken on the video. Your ableism is showing when you don't caption THE WHOLE CONTENT.

@haamu I hope you don't mind but I'm curious...

how are you able to use mastodon? Which clients have good support for the blind? Are you using a screen reader, or braille?

A year or so ago there was a movement to have people tag their emoji-heavy posts, and their pictures, with alt-tags to allow folks with limited sight or no sight to actually use this without ... severe problems of screen readers saying "arrow left arrow left" ad infinitem... has that been a bit successful?

(apologies, I also redrafted this, as I believe I misspelled braille ... and that MAY cause your reader to get this message multiple times. I hope not. I'd like to know if it DOES, however, as that may be a thing that needs to be improved ...)

@Truck Oh hey I'm deaf, not blind! So I don't have the experience to answer your questions... :blobpats:

@haamu I... don't know WHY I confused the two (:

I'll just be over here wondering about my brain.

@haamu yessssss this!!

I got so tired of it I started replying “there’s something wrong with the video” and then leave it to them to figure out how to caption it. It almost helps.

@haamu See also: clickbait videos that only have captions for the first minute or so, then stop. Just enough to get me invested. 🙃

@junebug Ugh, that is a thing too. It wasn't too long time ago I stumbled upon a video like this, the creator said they would return to make the rest of the captioning. It's been at least a month and there's still no captioning...

@haamu i was just complaining about this on a netflix kdrama a few days ago! i'm hearing but it's tough for me to process audio without subtitles. as soon as the show switched to a scene in english i completely lost the plot because they didn't bother to caption any of the english lines

i was able to rewind and focus hard and figure out what they were saying but not everyone can do that, and also i wasn't expecting to have to put in that effort - i chose a subtitled show for a reason

@ebeth Ugh, yes that happens too often! Everyone benefits from proper captioning. It indeed isn't just a deaf problem.

@haamu aside from providing the creators own captions what are some things creators can do to be more inclusive to the deaf community? I promise, no shade. I'm just starting this path and I'd really like to do things that can avoid this type of frustration.

@Deadorqid That's a great question! Aside from proper captioning that tells 100% what is being said, the most ideal ways to make content accessible for us: including sign language format (obviously this isn't always possible but it still would be the most ideal ;) ), simple English, lots of diagrams/pictures, large print. If you want to give out contact information, provide additional contact methods on letters/emails/SMS... Can't think of more rn, hope this helps! :blobmelt:

@haamu im so sad they took the community captions off, it was an accessibility feature i used so much :/

@haamu I know this isn't that helpful or anything, but it may be valuable information. The Pixel 4 and 5 have a "live transcription" feature that works incredibly well for what it does. It will literally caption any audio source playing on your phone.

@haamu eep, didn't know that this feature was removed at all.

Haven't done videos for some time but when I do I add captions for mine or provide a transcript. This is IMHO important even for non deaf people because you can not or do not want to enable audio when watching a video or when a playback speed multiplier is used.

Information should not be only encoded in audio or images. It is not searchable this way.

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