Untitled, digital collage, 2021.
First collage of the new year. It had been a few months since I had time for art so this was really fun to get into again.

A couple collages I made for/into a colouring in zine. Very fun to do, but actually a lot more work than my regular collages so we'll see if I attempt another zine in this series later in the year

Listen for Home, analogue collage, 2020.
Something more in the calming realm, which isn't present in a lot of my art, but I enjoyed making and am going to go for more in 2021

I've not done any kind of introduction (because I hate having to, and have no idea how to, sum up myself or my art) but here's something a bit different than what I've already posted.
This is a handbound black + white cemetery photography zine.
It features 18 images of my own photography, not including front + back cover art, and is limited to 35 copies.
I still have some numbers available to sell in early 2021 so keep an eye out 😊

Conjoined twin fairy baby digital collage edit/collage. This was made for a patreon sticker set tier that featured glitter detailing on the sticker wings.
I have a mermaid twin piece I've still got to eventually finish too, I had started it earlier in 2020, but of course we all know how stressful of a year it was and that impact on creativity and motivation. Maybe 2021 I can finish up all my wips now I've got a whole spare room for a studio.

Each I create is unique. 🌌 For example, both of these people are Libras born into the year of the Snake. Zodiacs inspired from Celtic and Mayan traditions are also incorporated in the divination process from which emerges each custom vision initiated with only a birth date. πŸ’«

One of my very first digital collages, and still a big big fav, from the very beginning of 2020. Before then I was predominantly making analogue collage art. Sometimes the simplest pieces convey the most emotion.

Sacrificial Lamb. A digital collage/edit from 2020. He is still unnamed, so I'm open to suggestions on what to call this sweet boy. In sticker form his halo and eyes are glitter embellished.

Hi :) my name is pabachi and I’m new here. My pronouns are they/them and I’m a self taught digital artist from Mexico City. My work is about my journey on the internet, and the different references that formed me growing up. I’m really excited and I hope you enjoy my work :)))

Hey✨my name is Carmen, im 19 and i am a mexican queer tattoo and illustration artist. My work is mainly centered around pop culture, queer representation and overall cute stuff :)
Im very excited to meet new friends and get to know your art, here is some of my work :^)

Skulls, swearing 

First page in my new Moleskin sketch book πŸ–€

The last animals I did for my woodland cherub critter sticker designs.
I spent a long asf time on these (almost 40hrs) since I have very little drawing experience, especially when it comes to realism and anatomy and such. Even though this Raccoon didn't turn out quite as I had planned (feet, face, and wings positioning all could have been better) I'm still super proud how it turned out.

Cherub bunnies from the same afore mentioned sticker set. I gave each critter an earthly and a heavenly colourway as I couldn't decide on one over the other, and it also bulked out the sticker set

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