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I have no idea what I'm doing, but I guess I have to start somewhere?

So hi there. I'm from blue bird company. Have some furry ass.

She knows you want to touch them, but she'll probably smite you if you do~

Look out, another cutie, Maxinne; thanks to Fayerne on FA!

These aren't dead yet!! 🦈
Another , another great model, courtesy of LynnShark from FA~

So much stuff suddenly happening, and just like that, I'm falling behind.

Cute goat tiddies to start your day!!
Thanks to the adorable Aulann! 🐐

Let's switch gears with some cute as heck Octolings instead~
Thanks again to based Squiddin πŸ™

More cute moms in my ? And they're big tiddy sheepies???
Praise be to Squiddin~ πŸ‘β™₯

One last for the night, for a friend of a friend!
Turnaround is a little slower than I'd like, but hopefully I can keep a steady flow of tiddies over the week~

Another for the lovely TrynaraTempest on Twitter!
A delicious pastel bun, all done~ β™₯

I've always wanted to do some
Heck, let's give it a try! Any big tiddy chara will do; OC, furries, humans, squids, whatever! Send me a DM if you're interested, and we can figure something out! πŸ‘β™₯

(... and I have the resources for keychains, so more options can't hurt, right?)

I ordered little empty keychains and photo paper with the intent of making a little penny on the side with them, but more and more I think I should have just ignored the idea and waited to work with a custom acrylic printing service instead.

oops ;-;

By the Wyld, it's beautiful. ;-;

I don't know how many times I need to own considering I really only wanna play it on Switch, but at least now I have that delicious physical OST.

All I need now is to find some way to get that art book...

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