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I have no idea what I'm doing, but I guess I have to start somewhere?

So hi there. I'm from blue bird company. Have some furry ass.

oops I forgot to schedule an upload to Patreon today so here is my redemption

have a tiddy kitty

this is a little lewder than i would like on here but more content, right???


Back to some nice pinups, it's been a long time coming~

Continued thank yous to my patrons for their continued support!


Take on good sleeping habits. No computer screens two hours before bed, read a book!
Sleep well mom 💕


Precious bouncy bun to bless your feed!
Thanks to ZeroRaider for the support~ 💜

Deer mom is precious and fluff~
Also is pretty cozy.

(Also trying a new sketch style for commissions oops)

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