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I have no idea what I'm doing, but I guess I have to start somewhere?

So hi there. I'm from blue bird company. Have some furry ass.

So the tanuki suit would just be the bunny suit of Mario, right? 🍑💗🌼

Why do so many fast food chicken places insist so strongly upon spiced fries instead of plain salted fries. I just want to enjoy the purity of potato without getting weird looks from the staff.

(But Texas toast as a side dish? That's genius.)

I'm always so tempted to apply for positions with indies and startups. But on such a small scale, my contributions would be so much more impactful -- as would my mistakes. It's too intimidating. The last thing I'd want is to be the key person to making a beloved project fail.

That feeling of purpose and accomplishment when you're recruited for a project with a content creator.

Last Patreon piece of 2019, and probably the best way to end off a year~ uwu


I let myself get upset about something art related earlier today. But I'm trying to instill a new rule where I accompany my tweets with drawings more often. So it stops me from immediately whining, and actually, like, doing something, instead.

Still feel like garbo, tho. 🐑🗑️

🐑 when u wanna draw before work but u dont wanna draw after wokr

I really need to consider making streaming at least a semi-regular thing. It's a great way to ensure that I actually get artwork done. 🐑

Plus, the generosity of others is always absolutely flooring. Y'all are too good to me. ;-;

when u learn a new set of Armello dice rolled out for Switch

when u realize how many actual talented artists follow u

As it gets colder and the leaves are falling, I'm getting strong urges to go back to Skyrim.

Maybe I'll actually finish a proper piece for my Khajiit this winter.

oops i'm falling behind on uploads again
People still like Three Houses, right?
And blowjobs? 👀


Trying to draw and nothing's coming together, yet again >////<

Managed a little Picarto stream the other day! It went surprisingly well, and hopefully I can try and make streaming at least a semi-regular thing!! (´・ω・`)

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